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Domains..which is a good to purchase?

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I've done a few small websites this year. I would go with GoDaddy but i really dont like it. plus action script 3 wouldn't work on it. i've worked with Cbeyond before (for those who don't know what it is; its kinda like a phone company they offer phone service and web junk.) i'm pretty sure that would be a bit pricey.


so what i'm looking for is something that real easy to control..go daddy's control panel is ridiculous.

something with out ads (i understand i'll probably have to pay to remove, go daddy's ads would throw the website out of wack)

something for someone on a budget.

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GoDaddy sucks balls, these guys are cheaper and have no adds (lol @ adds), probably $50 for a year, unlimited everything, no extra charges on bullshit.

If you don't know anything about web design you might as well get a tumblr and buy a domain name, pick whatever theme fits your taste and customize it.

I hope you know if you're using some sort of control panel for web design/layout you're doing it all wrong.


Matter of fact, the fact that you said "Domains..which is a good to purchase?" makes me think this advice is useless.

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Thanks I'll look into it. that info helped alot mercer.

i probably titled this thread wrong lol.

I'm a graphic designer, as of recently i've had a few ask me about possibly website projects.. i've done website updates for a few businesses and companies but they all own server space and yada yada..I've had my personal site sittin on my desktop and half loaded on go daddy and i realized it was time to launch this thing but with a better domain provider..pretty much i paid ten bucks for go daddy...when i first started loading the home page to test it out i had this big ad hovering over the header and it threw everything off....so my page looked really stupid...their control panel sucks and you can't import anything too crazy from dreamweaver and flash into it.

people have told me about tumblr..im not so sure about it since i was raised on dreamweaver and flash i feel more in control with the whole importing pages...if that makes any sense haha.


but yeah go daddy sucks hard..alot of the flash components wont work on it..customer service kept trollin on me sayin YES IT'LL WORK...BUY ANOTHER YEAR.

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yeah, I got godaddy for a few accounts. their management control panel blows and some pages are hidden. Luckily, I do web and all i needed to do is set up the FTP. But for someone who doesnt do web and is new, I would not suggest godaddy if you will be directly managing and creating your site. Id suggest wordpress or Tumblr.

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