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So...I'm getting married tomorrow.


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People who hide their porn from their wives are just inviting drama when the wifey finds it.

I keep mine where it's always been, and occasionally get her to watch Redtube video's with me.

She's not really into it, but at least I'm being honest and not putting up some front.


I even occasionally point out hot chicks and say some shit like (you'd totally fuck her, wouldn't you? Lets bring her home).

She usually just rolls her eyes at that point, but at least I never have to worry about getting smacked for getting caught checking out some bitches ass in the supermarket.


Honesty and just being real without actually physically crossing the line goes a long way towards nipping potential drama in the bud.

Or at least in my experience.

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You definitely have a point. You start off hiding porn, next it is something else and before long, you are arguing over stupid shit. It is all about honesty. I would not go as far as pointing chicks out, but each relationship is different.

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Thanks everyone!


It was a badass time! We managed to make all the local news channels for our "eclectic bicycle wedding".


I'm not gonna' post it here but I know that some of you know me well enough to put 2+2 together with Google to check it out.


Thanks for all the well wishes!


Super happy!



P.S. Saw everyone's props...Thanks!

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There are some things you just can't rely on the internet for.


This is very true.


I built a whole town out of Legos just to jerk off over. It includes a Fire Dept, Police Dept, hospital, post office, retirement home, culdesacs, town pool, Olive Garden, Ice Cream truck, high school (w/baseball and football fields), river with active waterfall, bridges, train yard with a drunken hobo gang, "bad side" of the tracks, and broken down mill that is in the process of laying off and shutting down.


I pretty much jerk off until just before climax then I go into a Godzilla rage yelling at the top of my lungs and storming through the town shooting all over it like a mad man.


I never jerk off near the high school though.



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oh my goodness fuckin gracious


i found your vid online and that is so goddamn sweet. her mom. the twins. the rickshaw.

brought a little tear to my eye :crying:


so happy for you two crazy kids. what a great couple. congrats again.


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