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On 7/9/2021 at 10:50 PM, nicklesndimes said:

have my finger on the trigger to get a music festival ticket...but it's $140 after taxes and fees 😡

nice. put in application to join the "street team"(basically i just promote the festival in my area and on my socials..) and i was accepted to join, waiving my ticket fee!

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Recent things I really wanna buy.. debating on the turntable weather to get the audio technica one or the portable turntable.. the bigger one at least I can future proof myself to get a mixer n whatever, but the cheaper one is smaller and will fit on my desk set up.. still on the fence about which one to get mainly just wanna use it to transfer vinyl over and casual listening.. also this new chair I've had my eye on for a minute but being a cheap ass about it and of course some J's.. idgaf if they're mids they're dope to me.. first gonna grab these then probably the shadow 2.0 or the Jordan 1 zoom monarch since fall is slowly approaching.. meh... 🤷🏽‍♂️









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That is a pretty dope deck tho.. I've been thinking about grabbing one also honestly but then I feel like I'm just spending money and not being practical of my set up.. but then again im just being a cheap ass about it too really.. eventually I do wanna get some stuff to build my current set up and start mixing.. that's why I've been kind of torn between the lil guy and the audio Technica..


As of now I mainly need one to start sampling the records I have now and the ones my sister is holding hostage at her house.. but ultimately I'll probably wait and get the audio tech and eventually a mixer and what not and go from there..

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@ndv @nicklesndimes


Not gonna lie tho here's another reason why I would rather get a regular turntable set compared to just the digital joints.. seen this video a while ago for this lil "phase" controller for vinyl and alot of people using it now and imo this is suuuuper fucking dope.. don't even need to put the needle down on the record for serato don't gotta worry about bumping the decks or the table or anything.. soooooooo sick... Start at the 2 minute mark and let it ride to see what I'm talking about..



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