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Some people are going to be upset about that but chances are they wouldn't be voting republican anyway, if anything this helps the dems.

I can't think of a non offensive or politically correct way to accurately portray gang members and actually thought that ad was funny.

I'm sure somone will be buthurt by it but there isn't anything illegal about this, maybe immoral but that's a given considering it's a negative ad..


On a side not the most successful gang interventions have always had ex gang members heavily involved.

Based on that ad alone she sounds like she knows what she's doing and her opponents look like retards.

This is probably a good look for her depending on the intelligence of the constituency.

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i think they should have brought chapelle out of retirement to make this funny,if anyone can take racist fear mongering and turn it into laughter its that guy. but being the penny pinching assholes they are they opted for this guy instead







fail. i like the idea of crazed overly ghetto black men parading around with AK's but the low budget graphics and lack of good writing made this fall short of it's potential epicness.

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