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Richard Pryor

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this dude is gonna be huge soon.... yall heard this shit here first

























































































but really though.... i find a lot of dubstep/wonky///teebs style// lfo music is very similar to the creation of hardcore/gabber in terms of sound placement.


and newer brostep/midrange shit adds in top beats and side percussion








like take




these three.. as far as i know the majority of midrange shit i hear is done by people without much a of a budget and basic to advance knowledge of how their DAW works as well as assorted vsti and vst.

most will opt for a basic palette of premade sounds.

i cant really remember but it was way back in 06 with http://forensicdubstep.blogspot.com/2006_06_01_archive.html

had me curious as to how it was made.. there where a lot more brass, sine subs, and reverb/delays created with impulse responses.. also the amount of sounds was a hell of a lot less.


now its a lot more chopped with bassline cuts spaced out.. its a lot like multiple basslines punched in, in stepped sequenced gates .


like bassline x

bassline o

bassline y

each one would be 4 bars long but chopped like



|xxx|oo|x|yyy|o|y|o| and then either repeated or shuffled in a similar rhythmic pattern




beatwise shit like glitchmob and a few others i cant think of go the idm/breakcore route minus intricate pitch shifting or bitcrushing/distortion....




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