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Hotter than laura schlessinger...2011 Advice thread


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I need advice. Spend $300 on clothes or save for trip to NYC?


Buy 2 pairs of jeans and some plain t-shirts, maybe some shoes (online probably best). Aim for $100 or less. Save the other $200 for NY and blow it on nicer clothes out there.


is this still an advice thread fiddy?


regardless i need female input on some topics.


first off, how would you feel if a dude you were fucking wanted you to piss while he is railing you?

thats right, i feel like i need to experience this but have yet to get female feedback from a decent minded woman.


second, im fucking broke right now and am thinking into going into doing weird stuff for cash on craigslist...im already talking to a weird ass couple, dude is willing to pay me $100 to watch him and his wife fuck and then shit on one of them so they can rub my caca on each other, they have also requested that three days prior to pooping on them that i eat only nuts,grains and red meat for the shit has the desired consistancy.

also i have talked to this 43 year old woman who is willin to give me $50 to tie her and her "slave" up and jerk off on them and slap them around... i tried upping the price but was only offered a couple of dvds in addition to the $50....

is this all a bad idea or should i just become a smut whore?



1. Why would you want her to piss? Isn't squirting hotter? Step your technique up.


2. My only advice is to get the money up front, slut. Also, check out the "gigs" section for legit work like painting or handyman help.


can you even find a pair of decent jeans for 150?


Levis are $70 tops in the store (as low as $10 on clearance), and anywhere from $20 and up online.



Now I need some advice on how to work this multi-quote action. It's been years and I think I figured it out once by clicking random shit.

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