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everybody has them shits. so share them. about any and everything. dont be shy.


i'll go first:


-aliens dropped humans off on earth.


-greed will cause the US government to self-destruct and we'll all be speaking chinese around this bitch in the next 5 or so years.



-al queda(or however you spell that shit) didnt have shit to do with 9/11.


-college is the biggest scam of all time.


-every soul gets 2 lives. and if you were born into a really shitty one your next one will be tight. and visa versa. because i dont understand how a baby or little kid can be robbed of life and the universe doesnt react and reward that soul.


-there is a known cure for every disease but they will never be available because of population control.




i will have more once i get blazzed.


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Personal proven theory:



If a girl looks you in the eye.... She wants to fuck. All of them. Every single girl out there.


She may not be fully aware of it but, yes, she wants to commit sexual relations with you.







When have you ever fucked a girl and not looked her in the eye? Every girl you have fully dug up in has done this.








This cannot be unproven because you have never fucked a girl that you didn't look in the eye at some point.



But please by all means, set out to prove me wrong. Every girl wants to fuck you willingly (no rapsies). All you have to do is remind her that because she looked at you, even glanced at you, that girl is DTF.

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i have a theory as to why gas stations run by indians are so god damned expensive. i suspect that they are intentionally doing this to fund some kind of underground organization bent on destroying the american way of life and undemine the federal government one overpriced bottled water and slim jim at a time.



why you ask? its simple, jealousy. indians are mad jealous of americans. we got it made over here, have you been to india? me niether, and there is a good reason for that. it sucks. its always hot, its crowded, its extremely dirty and from what i can tell the razor blade has yet to be introduced to them or their women. if a bitch got more hair on her arms than i do on my legs there is a problem here, one only shears can fix. they know this and thats why they hate us. they want us to be just as poor and just as unkempt at they are. they will not stop until the world smells like curry and frankencense and all our women look like wildebeests.

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1. Virtual reality will soon take over actual reality where everyone will be obsessed with their online

persona. Rather than real life.


2. Religion needs to be destroyed by science for humans to survive.


3. Popular humor will get less and less funny.


4. The Internet is killing books.


5. Your tv is watching you.


6. Water will be traded as a commodity like oil.


Plenty more but I just woke up.

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Jersey Shore is funded by an ultra loaded Anti Italian American group.

Think of all the progress spicks in the USA have made since they arrived.

After Jersey Shore-BAM-their employment options are now reduced back to mobster, boxer, pizzeria owner, guy with monkey and organ grinder

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Umm, actually theres a lot of evidence to support most of these theories


I'm specifically interested in aliens dropping humans off on Earth, every soul living two lives, and there being a cure to every known disease.


Those sound very credible and easy to prove.

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