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Bands you have seen live

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Run DMC b4 jam master jay passed... got his autograph after the show (still chillin on the t shirt in my closet)

Phish... never was a fan until I saw em live.

The Dead with and without Jerry Garcia

Getting to see Peter Frampton doing the entire album of Frampton Comes Alive and then Slayer later this summer. Should be great times.


also... a bunch of other shit I've seen worth mentioning: Cypress Hill (ripped a 8 ft bong on stage right in front of the cops), My Morning Jacket, Bob Dylan, Crosby and Stills of CSNY, Leftover Crack, Sound Tribe Sector 9 with Mike Gordon of Phish sitting in for a few songs, The Disco Biscuits, Greg Allman (met him backstage and got my picture taken with him), David Byrne of the Talking Heads playing "This Must Be The Place" at Bonnaroo as soon as my E kicked in, Aesop Rock, tons more.

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roger waters the wall was one of the best shows i've ever seen!


I bet! I saw Floyd in 1987 and someone had made a huge banner they hung from the stadium balcony that said "Roger - Wish you were here."

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Saw Devildriver play with Napalm death couple years back, a skinhead picked me up by my shoulders like i was fuckin % lbs. and threw me into the pit haha. Gwars always fun, until you have to explain to co-workers why you dyed green/red the next day. Aquabats crack me up every time i see them, superhero fights and inflateable jet-skis! The one show i regret not going to is the last ozzfesr that pantera played, never got to see them or Dimebag live. I have a list of bands i want to see live, and most all of them are crossed off b now. Still havnt seen mastodon tho.

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Wow, great thread!


I went to probably a couple hundred shows in the early 2000's. I live relatively close to NYC, Philly, Baltimore and D.C., so I'd go to a couple a week, sometimes catching the same band in 3 different cities if I could.


My problem was that I almost always (read always) got super fucked up and didn't really enjoy/remember 90% of the gigs I've been to. I was talking to someone today about Gogol Bordello and how I don't really care for them, and five minutes after the convo was over I realized that not only did I see them once, but twice - totally forgotten. I saw the Pixies when they first reunited in D.C. and hated it because I was broke and sober, kind of a bummer to look back onto it now.


Most memorable was most definitely Bad Brains with Murphy's Law opening in D.C. at the 9:30 club. The Bad Brains were everything I had hoped for and more. So awesome. I also saw Mission of Burma several times and they put on the best show I've ever been to, everytime. The Rapture shortly after their first album dropped was amazing as well.


I took a break for a few years while dealing with addiction issues, but also saw Dinosaur Jr. in that time frame which was awesome, although Mike Watt opening kind of blew Dinosaur Jr. away.


I turned 30 this past winter and I'm trying to get my drinking under control (not drinking at all). Not going so well. I saw The Queers last week, and was really stoked to see them as they're one of favorite bands, but it sucks because I pretty much blacked out by the time they came on, although I was told later that I had a really great time.


It sucks! I'm so used to having a beer in hand at shows, that its a really hard habit to break, not to mention that it helps me overcome my social anxiety. But it sucks even more that I saw tons of awesome bands and have so little to show for it except a few t-shirts and ticket stubs.


So that's where I'm at now. I decided that I'm going to go to as many shows as possible again, that really was the best time of my life. I'm going to try and do it over minus the booze and drugs.


Edit: I just remembered Yo La Tengo, fucking amazing! Met the band outside at a sold out show and came in as their guests, awesome!

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soul search

mother of mercy


trapped under ice



title fight

dead end path

cast aside


alpha and omega


as blood runs black

the acacia strain

cruel hand


for the fallen dreams

freelance whales

the ghost inside


stick together

stray from the path

swamo thing

upon a burning body

veil of maya


dead and dreaming

break away

tough luck


pushing on



product of waste

rock bottom


the mongoloids



ive seen a couple twice, thrice, whatever. coolest show was probably cast aside reunion show. shit was crazy. other than that, every show is fun to me.


EDIT: I really want to see hatebreed, though. i'd probably murder a couple of people when they play.

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see if i can do this in one fell swoop



fiona apple

the wallflowers

beach boys

blink 182



kool keith(dr dooom)


black dahlia murder



cannibal corpse



the upbeat


hella more, can't recall at this moment

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been to hundreds of shows through the years...


first. NOFX, SamIam, Ten Foot Pole, Novemeber 12, 1994.


most violent, Circle Jerks out of all bands. mad neo nazis.


best grindcore shows, Los Crudos. and Assuck, Locust, Jenny Picolo.


best hip hop show- pharcyde. ghost always put on a damn good show if the sound quality was right.


seen hundreds, into thousands of shows since 94. lucky for me my dad liked punk, and jazz and much as he liked dope. pops went to almost every punk, grindcore, and hip hop show I went to from 94 to present day still goes. bump thread.

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EDIT: I really want to see hatebreed, though. i'd probably murder a couple of people when they play.


Just reminded me, i saw hatebreed with lamb of god and behemoth in sd, one of the best/gnarliest shows ive been to. Tons of marine dickheads tho.

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I saw blood brothers a few times and i know this band is not for everyone one but they put on a kickass show

My first concert ever was war and that was .....too young to fully appreciate and still awesome

I smoked a blunt with chali 2na and his wife:b

I saw jedi mind tricks and the sound went out and they kept freestyling and going acapella

Also barrington levy and the wailers were dope

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What live shows have you seen that stood out in some way?


For me...


Most intense: A tie between the Butthole Surfers/Soundgarden/St Vitus/U-Men in 1987, and Converge in 2009.


Most fun: Hoodoo Gurus w/the Young Fresh Fellows, late 80s. Only show I've ever been to where I knew every word of every song played.


Most unforgettable: Jane's Addicition w/Soundgarden in 1986 or so for $2. I don't know if life gets better than that.

U2/Sting/Jackson Browne/Lou Reed/Peter Gabriel/etc, Amnesty International tour, 1986. I got to meet U2, who I idolized (hey, I was 16), the day before, and when Bono pulled a girl on stage during "Bad," it was my friend's friend, who was with us when we met the band.

Also Gruntruck, when some drunk guy spilled his drink all over my pregnant belly.


Most violent: I think this would have to go to Converge, although if a fight ever breaks out at a show, you can bet it's going to happen right next to wherever I'm standing. It's like I'm a magnet for that kind of thing.


Most euphoria-inducing: Isis.


Most impressive(?): I once saw Nirvana play at a college dorm party, Halloween night, 1988.


Band I most wish would reunite so I could see them live again: Graves at Sea.


Show I wish I could relive: Bad Brains, 1990. I was pregnant and scared the noise would hurt the baby so I spent most of it in the foyer.


Bands that are on my not-to-be-missed list: Low, the Frames, and Soundtrack of Our Lives. All are outstanding live.


I've seen hundreds of bands live...see here for basically a full list.


What about you?






Somehow I'm thinking your dates don't add up for some of these shows.

And even if they did, somehow I doubt that you'd ever find yourself at a Converge show much less including it as one of your favorite shows ever.


Call me an asshole, but I'm calling bullshit on your cool story bro.

And I'm not denying that I'm an asshole.

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Limp Wrist


The Locust

Cattle Decapitation

Said Radio (ex Nerve Agents)

Circle Jerks



Plenty of others, those are just the shows that really stuck out to me.

I actually missed Doom in Oakland earlier this week. Too pregnant to go to shows. I also missed Anal Cunt, Subhumans, and Crass. (Some reunion type shit, I heard it wasn't that great anyways but still would like to have gone.)

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