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Bands you have seen live

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What live shows have you seen that stood out in some way?


For me...


Most intense: A tie between the Butthole Surfers/Soundgarden/St Vitus/U-Men in 1987, and Converge in 2009.


Most fun: Hoodoo Gurus w/the Young Fresh Fellows, late 80s. Only show I've ever been to where I knew every word of every song played.


Most unforgettable: Jane's Addicition w/Soundgarden in 1986 or so for $2. I don't know if life gets better than that.

U2/Sting/Jackson Browne/Lou Reed/Peter Gabriel/etc, Amnesty International tour, 1986. I got to meet U2, who I idolized (hey, I was 16), the day before, and when Bono pulled a girl on stage during "Bad," it was my friend's friend, who was with us when we met the band.

Also Gruntruck, when some drunk guy spilled his drink all over my pregnant belly.


Most violent: I think this would have to go to Converge, although if a fight ever breaks out at a show, you can bet it's going to happen right next to wherever I'm standing. It's like I'm a magnet for that kind of thing.


Most euphoria-inducing: Isis.


Most impressive(?): I once saw Nirvana play at a college dorm party, Halloween night, 1988.


Band I most wish would reunite so I could see them live again: Graves at Sea.


Show I wish I could relive: Bad Brains, 1990. I was pregnant and scared the noise would hurt the baby so I spent most of it in the foyer.


Bands that are on my not-to-be-missed list: Low, the Frames, and Soundtrack of Our Lives. All are outstanding live.


I've seen hundreds of bands live...see here for basically a full list.


What about you?



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Elton John

Devin The Dude


Shout Out Louds.


everything else is just a blur


Can't believe I'm about to admit this but......,Elton John. I saw him a long time ago, took a girl for her birthday because she loved Elton John. I'm not much of a fan but he did put on a pretty good show given that I expected a long, boring night.

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napalm death always stands out as one of my favorite live bands, they have an ability to make any sub-par recorded song sound awesome live along with everything else. those dudes are getting to be old as shit and just get better at what they do.



the last show i was that impressed with though was FLOOR a couple months ago

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Steve Vai has been the most entertaining concert I have been to (all 3 times)

My favorite concert was the G3 2006 concert though, 4 and a half hours that blew my mind even though I was crook as fuck with the flu.

Strangely enough Prodigy at Big day out in 95 or 96 (?) was probably the heaviest most crushing crowd I have ever experienced. Pennywise at a Warped tour around 98 or 99 was a close second.

Saw BT at some event a few years back, memorable for different reasons.

AC/DC wasn't too bad when I saw them but I expected more for some reason.

Metallica bought the fire when I saw them not long ago.

Bad Religion always impressed me as well when I have seen them live.

Dream Theater were sick when I saw them in 2007, but when I saw them again in 09 the sound was not mixed clearly enough.


I find it funny that this thread is about BANDS yet people mention rap artists in it

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I've always wanted to see GWAR, haven't though.


Rap artists count.


the last show i was that impressed with though was FLOOR a couple months ago


I saw Floor a couple months ago, too, and it was awesome. Not as good as the first time, though, when they had both guitarists that sang. Such a unique sound they had. The show a couple months ago had some other bands in the audience--I love it when bands come out to support other bands. Cody and Jared from the Melvins/Big Business was there, and the singer from Unsane. I recognized the guy from Unsane cuz I've seen them before, but couldn't place him, and I was too shy to ask "Where do I know you from." Figured it out later.


Hopefully going to see Dax Riggs next week, and also hopefully taking the whole fam to see Buckethead. That dude is a trip live.

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Junior Reid and Don Carlos ALWAYS put on killer shows




Cypress Hill



Rage Against The Machine (circa 1st album)

Busta Rhymes



Ziggy Marley

Eek A Mouse

Wu Tang Clan (No ODB)

Tribe Called Quest


Collie Budds

Sublime (Rome)

Slightly Stoopid

Jack Johnson

Jimmy Cliff

Sly & Robbie

Psycho Realm/Sick Symphonies/Street Platoon


Long Beach Dub Allstars

Immortal Technique

Dilated Peoples

Black Eyes Peas (before Fergie)


plus more i cant remember.

alot more from festivals acts and underground hip-hop shows

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