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walmart nurgas......


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judism isn't a race.


I'm down with racist jokes, as long as all people get it equal and it's in "good taste"

Shit just seems like cats really think this way, shit's turning into some skinhead aryan brotherhood type shit


Judism isn't anything.

JudAism on the other hand.



• Judaism has been described as a religion, a race, a culture, and a nation

• All of these descriptions have some validity

• The Jewish people are best described as an extended family



Jew Stuff

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Wifey is UM alumni, plus a native of the Detroit metro area.


My favorite term I learned from her is Walmart Wolverine



pics of said posers: http://walmartwolverines.com/


I think every state has their own version of them.

In PA it's Penn State gear, in TX it's Longhorn or A&M gear.

And these 45 year old dudes who never even went to these schools will go all out rooting for their teams and placing bets at work during football season.

White trash people.

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Very tempting crowbar video, will wait three minutes then watch, then regret




watched, not funny, Things i found funny

-Camera phone videos

-Where are the cops caption, Fucking idiot its a large group of black people

fighting with obviously crowbars, need i say more

-oh an her booty dancing unconsciously

-and for the closer just scoopin her ass up and throwing her in a car


and the guy that gets out of a new jaguar and gets into the brawl

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1st, is this really the first time that 12ozers are hearing/seeing this video? It's fucking old news already, and I don't even keep up with most of this viral shit.

2nd, this is the 2nd time today that I've come across some racist shit on 12oz. Not surprising in the least, but if we're going to hate on the blacks and jews we should at least have equal hate toward all ofther groups, plus if we're letting this shit run then bring back the good porn to the oontz and stop censoring that shiiiiit!



I agree,




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