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I went to Amsterdam 7 times in my twenties.


Maastricht used to be my way out without getting hassled.


Having Amsterdamn on your ticket stub always got you questions or searches as soon as you crossed borders.


I don't really indulge anymore so I guess it doesn't affect me, however this whole scenario is a damn shame.


Hopefully the next time I get out there.. years from now, things while be back to business as usual.

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i enjoyed amsterdam. i think they have some nice food, good people and interesting museums.

i've also taken some really nice photos there.. it's a picturesque place.


i've heard about this. meh, it happened in christiania awhile back. fuck conservatives. oh well. doesn't really affect me at all.

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Long as they still have the red light ladies, all is well in my book.


Conservatives and the people who vote for them really are some boring dickheads, even though chances are theyre cheating on their spouses, indulging in drugs and breaking every white collar law in their own country.

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:lol: :lol:




A ) That's how democracy works. You want someone to win, vote for them. You want someone to lose, vote against them. You want someone to have a better chance of winning, mobilize a lot of people to vote for them.


B ) Obama took office by reaching out to the black vote and the youth vote, two contingencies within the american voting population that are wildly underrepresented.


This isn't some right wing satanic trick. Both parties do this and it's how politics work.




Cool story bro and all, but you seemed to have missed my point and went on an off topic rant.

Were you high when you typed this?

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definitely but the reason for it is the Right Wing party that they voted in, if their economy fucks up it is their own fault for voting cunts into power


get your facts right boy,

it's the fucking conservatives who shut it down, they basically say that you're a criminal when you do the pimp game. The person in question then needs to come up with evidence that you aren't. Some people did prove it and still get rejected.


under the Christian rule things has been going downhill. Privacy, liberty and quality of life.

let this guy make all the decisions:


fucking lego hairdo

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