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Zines, booklets - Publishing help! InDesign and all that stuff.


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received take it personal mag... kind of amateurish, nothing special... the guy couldn't come up with any interesting reads besides three interviews in a small mag... at least put something diverse in it... the design on it looks like someone has been either copying off of someone elses design or a rush job... definitely not worth the amount for it...

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  • 2 weeks later...

I bought a copy of that zine! :D

It's alright - I wouldn't shell out the tenner for a third issue - no dis it's just a bit trendy for me


I have to work out how to sell my zine but since I did the first three issues completely free I'm going to have issues convincing people to pay for it.


Purely B+W but 24 pages of panels and walls from sydney. just 100% sydney graff shots taken by me and a mate.


I Kind of did it last year because I was bored an unemployed and wanted to make a mag for the young kids coming up.

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i'm curious to learn more about how to self publish zines, i get the concept but i'm having a learning curve on figuring out layouts and the actual printing/binding process.


cool to hear you got a copy, and yeah i agree it was a bit trendy but i ended up getting a feature last minute and then a couple free copies which was nice, the dudes at nighted life hooked it up on a placement for me seeing as i have no idea how work from dallas, tx would otherwise make it into an australian zine.


shoot me a pm about yours man i'd be interested in grabbing copies of whatever you've got out, always like to support folks on 12oz.

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yeah Left out is a nice sort of zine production values are a little higher than mine.


to make the pages in the right order I lay out the mag in Indesign.


then I take the required number of sheets and make a small mock up


i.e. a 24 page zine is 6 pages double sided folded in half.


So I make my little mock up numbering the pages.


I then split the indesign file into the required sheets so


pages 1,2,23,24

pages 3,4,21,22


and so on.


I then print out a copy of each sheet and fit it together to make sure that it works that images going across spreads line up etc



and off to printers

I get them to saddle stitch it now but when I did the first issue I did it using a long arm stapler you can buy pretty cheap (staple from outside to inside)



and laid out my pages in piles so I'd grab one of each pile then staple them making sure pages were all nicely aligned



and voila


RElapser and Deine Mudder

pm addresses


I'll send copies!

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The first issue of Stickers Are Gay fanzine features photos taken in the past 2 years on the streets of Paris.


48 black and white pages.

A5 format.

Limited edition of 25 numbered and signed copies.

Each copy comes with a set of hand drawn stickers.

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New zine from Midwest, focusing on the modern cultures of Graffiti and Hardcore Punk alike.

Interviews include Donut CIK/EHC, Tough Luck, Malfunction, End DHS/MTS, Bent Life, Banek TS/SFB, and Rukus IH.


Zines are available here for 6$




Orders shipped tomorrow and Wednesday

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