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Things to do in Vegas when I'm dead.

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Thanks for the congrats.


We both decided we don't really care about doing a big wedding right now, but we want to make it somewhat memorable. We also don't give two fucking shits about God and the Holy Ghost Crew giving us the blessing and "official" seal. So we're going to Vegas to do it in a chapel and enjoy the week we're there. We don't get to "hotel" it up all that often, and we never see pools. (Fuck a public pool!) So even if we spend the day just hanging by a pool getting mid day drunk, napping till night, and feeding and drinking the rest of the time --we're fine. It's fucking Caligula's party without the Barbarian on Barbarian sex. We plan to drive to the Grand Canyon and hike around there. Red Rocks would be nice as well. I'm all about that scenery type shit over strip malls.


I honestly don't see her shopping all that long, especially if it's catering to the comfort zones of tourists. So I'm sure we'll be looking for shit to do besides putting on pounds and fist fucking our livers.


I'm actually really fucking psyched for this. I'm going to tourist it up. I'll be that asshole at the pool with the farmer's tan and body of a Twist character.





I think we're getting a suite at the Mandarine Oriental. She won't put any oriental designed stuff in the house, because she's Asian, but she'll stay a hotel named after a food court dish. Go figure.



Oh --and we are doing a ceremony for our families. We're going to do a traditional Laotion ceremony Upstate. I can't wait for that either. It's a casual ceremony with a BBQ, booze, and lots of poker. I think I'm going to have to make a "White People's" section on the buffet table. My nephews think Big Macs are exotic foods.

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Smxxl is indeed a woman, probably the nicest/humble one I've met.

And yeah watch out for the death ray from city center, I guess it's at a certain time of day if the sun hits it right, there is a huge beam of light that can burn the shit outta people.


That's a drastic thumb nail too btw.

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Yeah, I crushed both of my thumbs on the beginning of a job last Friday. It was 4am when it happened and I worked until about 10am assembling/breaking down a large piece of equipment. The left one instantly went black, then after work I had to drive Upstate for the weekend. The trip took 10 hours and I swear I could feel my fucking heart beating in my thumb. It was fucking insane. The next day my friend mentioned the draining method, and thanks to the two vicodin I was on, I said "sure!" It didn't stop bleeding out for 3 days and still fucking hurts a week later. At least there isn't the pressure pain though. That shit was brutal.

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you did the right thing for your thumb, however instead of sliming up your friend's floor, you should have wrapped hot wet towel around it to draw out infection. you will lose thumb nails, but a new one will be there pushing dead one off.

in other news, yes Ima female. work in a fancy shop..im serious. drop wifey off, say your treating her. grab some pizza at the shop next door, then go back to poolside.

just a suggestion...just in case. but im sure your time will be occupied.

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Congrats on getting married!


I just have to second or third or whatever Red Rock. My favorite place to go is actually an hour north of Vegas, though--the Valley of Fire:




The ancient writing on the rocks is fascinating.


Wait a minute--you're going to Vegas in the summer? Are you crazy?


Also second the Pinball Hall of Fame, super fun. Too bad the Liberace Museum closed down, that was an awesome place.


The view from the Stratosphere is pretty cool.


And yeah, Fremont at night.

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Mine are undeniably the BEST!

however, I typically dont work on men.

they usually get erections during pedicures. even in school, they advise us to not rub above wrist, or above ankle, because they (for the most part) are erogenous zones.

I thought EVERY part on a mans body was an erogenous zone. hehe

I would work on some one i kinda knew though, as long as it wasnt a dirty old man.

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I'll do my sweatpants and viagra routine if you play with my nails.


I'm going to tell my girl about your offer and see what she says. She's the timid and shy type, so she'll probably think it's weird. Plus she'll probably get her nails done before we get there because we're getting married the morning after we get in.


If she does say "yes," we can't talk about props or make DAO jokes. In return, I won't tell you to show me your tits or to let me pee in your butt.



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Has anyone stayed at the Mandarin Orange?


I'm letting her pick the room and she can't decide. We are looking for someplace modern, NICE, clean, with a good pool and a bar attached to the pool. That's a must. I'd prefer NOT to stay at a place that is filled with drunken fools trying to have their own "Hangover" weekend. Nor do I want to be surrounded by a bunch of drunk sluts who sound like a flock of pelicans freaking out. So places that are attached to clubs with bass bumping through the floor all night isn't what I want.

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