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Furniture, Light Fixtures and Interior Design

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the brick house blog is dope, been following that for a couple years.


good stuff in here.

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Anyone else grab the BoConcept catalogues?


I guess they'rsupposed to cost a couple bucks but I've found em free for the 2011 and the 2012

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Boxetti's concealed, fold-down wall bed concept. Cool

"Boxetti Private contains the set of basic bedroom functions –a double bed, night stand and a wardrobe. The foldaway bed platform is automatically lifted by a remote control, together with a built-in night stand. The unit is equipped with a spotlight and an ambience lighting fixture above the headboard. The integrated wardrobe consists of six sections including shelves, drawers and a clothes rail. "


just think about all the space you'd have for activities!

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James Plumb http://www.jamesplumb.co.uk/: (I actually really like the lights / interiors they do)







Max Lamb:






This particular aesthetic isn't really my thing (personally) but im not entirely bored by it. I'm doing trend research for F/W 2013/14 (which basically means looking at stuff for a long time) and there's a strong focus on modest, humble, artisanal workmanship. Slow development, revaluing vintage and functional design.

Prepare to see a lot of ‘inspired’ rip off's over the next couple of years.

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My wife was once an interior designer, now she is a stay at home mom getting a little stir crazy.


With 2 small kids, we haven't had a coffee table in years, a great way to avoid trips to the ER.. but then there is nowhere to put our adult beverages.


She decided to design a line of child-safe, custom (high-end) green furniture.

She has designed a bunch of miniatures, but this is her first prototype:





Wood veneer, cork, and center can all be customized finishes/colors/textures.


Hopefully this works out for her, she needs something to make her feel productive & creative again.

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That is seriously fresh!!

If you're like me and don't watch where you're going you'd stub toes like buggery when walking around that table. but maybe if it was raised about 3inches off floor it would be cool. and if the legs were thicker it would still be relatively stable.


seriously props

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We have a few more prototypes coming next month, I gotta get off my ass and launch her website & social accounts.


Pretty shitty of me to drag ass on that since I'm a digital marketer and all....


but it's football season.

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Drue, that coffee table is amazing.

A great design for a family.


Here is some of Leslie Williamson's interior photographies of

some great designers houses.



Russel Wright's din din room



Wharton Esherick’s bedroom. I dunno who this guy is

but I like dat space. Looks good.





Vladimir Kagan’s living room



Last one is Nakashima's Reception house.

I enjoy that Nakashima very much.


This piece! Here is a short little read about dude, for ya'll who are interested.

IMO dude was a bad ass, was in an internement camp were

he learned his craft from a japanese carpenter who ya know...taught him traditional

japanese carpentry.


His belief was that

''each plank cut from a tree had only one ideal use and

it is the woodworker’s responsibility to find that use and

shape the wood to realize its true potential."

This little post is also a (longer) good read about dude and his career.

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Also who the heck goes to an internment camp

and thinks 'I am just gonna learn traditional japanese carpentry.'

Not me. I'd be like 'ah I am in an internment camp. This blows. :['


Another japanese designer, Noguchi, made dis

iconic coffee table you see everywhere cuz there is a bunch

of terrible knock offs. The piece was orginally commisioned by Robsjohns Gibbons

who later thought that because Noguchi was in an internment camp

he could sell the design himself with out passing down any money to Noguchi.

Originally there was three legs to the table, when Noguchi found out it was being sold he

re made the table with two and got it picked up from herman miller.

Bad ass move Noguchi. Bad. Ass. Move.


A favorite! The Miller house. Worked on by Eero Saarinen, Alexander Girard, and Dan Kiley.












Here is a video. I dont know what it says cuz I gots no volume

on the compooter. But the shots of the house, inside, and landscaping is good.

You can see how everything relates and makes the house awesome.


If you do the tumblr thing this is a great blog that shares

the process of this house being made. There's a lot of letters the designers wrote

requesting cabinet work, lighting all that. Tis neat.

Ok ok. I am done.

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Perhaps I should join my wife in creating designs (^^like that rape couch^^)


I'm meeting with a Venture Accelerator today to discuss the options of growing my wife's furniture design company.

small, local, or national.

Dump my $ into it, or take on investors... etc.


Our original builder flaked, so we are actively searching for new craftsmen who can work with copper & cork.

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They are ugly and not original. Come up with a shape and throw a piece of glass on it.


I am not clicking on the link because it might be spam.

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So my bro in law calls me the other day and asks me if I would want some glass his work is about to trash. theyre a manufacturing company and make all kinds of things like cash registers, big metal things, basically all the crap you see everyday but never think about. So I get home from work the other night and see this glass all wrapped up and its heavy as crap. Come to find out its a bunch of sheets of some good tempered display case glass. Not sure what Im going to do with it yet but totally stoked to have it. Maybe make a coffee table or six. Was supposed to be for some pastry company, mine now, SCORE!



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New favorite thread!

I've got a few light fixtures in the works. I'll post up as soon as they're ready.


Here's some work of friends.









sexy ass dovetails


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I do like the night stands, dresser, and the bed. They look to be quality made. But if you take away the paintings on them, they are blah. Not much to them of interest. The bed, I have seen very similar in Fine Woodworking.

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Not really sure about that top one. I am not a fan of country/farm styles, but it also has some modern elements to it. I do like the six doors on it vs four doors.


Maybe if it had full doors left to right instead of that board right down the middle.


How much is that for sale?

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I like that style, but agree that asymmetry would make it much more appealing to me.


stipper jokes.

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I've been repairing a lot of antique chandeliers lately.


Made this recently. It's nice to work on my own stuff when I get the time.

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