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IOU vs. L.A.


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One of my favorite places to shoot in downtown LA is the Toy District. It's an area full of cheapo toy shops, so you get people with small children shopping there. But it's on the edge of skid row so there's trash everywhere and lots of homeless people. I love places that manage to be both colorful and grimey at the same time.


This is a historic fire station, you can't really see it but there's a big throwie on the door:




Redscale film.




Same store as above, this time with my Zero Image pinhole camera (which I place very close to the ground usually):




This came out kinda dark (Vivitar Ultrawide and Slim, toy camera, no exposure controls), but to the left is a homeless person sleeping on the sidewalk. To the right is a big Catholic church:




Lots of eaten-up wheat paste in downtown LA:




Taco truck:




Yum yum.


One of the alleys in the Toy District, just to my right are a bunch of vendors selling clothes and toys and stuff:




Follow the trash trail:




Lots of street vendors:






That last is a cell phone shot.

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A quick history lesson. I think this on the old DWP building but can't remember. It has the same type of work on the other side. There is a lot to explore in DTLA if you're really of that mindset. A lot of people dismiss it way too quickly.

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Walt Disney Concert Hall, causing accidents since day one. Thought I had more flicks, but guess not. I've heard that the sound is amazing and definitely wanna check that out.



The extent of my creativity. Negative. Haha..

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I hate this church. It's huge and does nothing to serve the public other than give them a place to feel above others.. Meanwhile cats are starving, strung out, robbing fools right around this place. God should be pissed about how ITS worshiped.


/end rant

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I believe this is a school and a reject version of the Disney Concert Hall.


It's a performing arts high school. Cost something like $200 million to build. Originally it was only supposed to cost $30 million. Don't get me started on that topic.


Have you been over to the John Ferarro Building? This one?









It's fabulous for taking photos.

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I'm not sure, is this next to the Marc Taper?


Back to the random:


Before they buffed the river, I took a real long walk after popping an Ambien and drinking some. Not the smartest thing especially when you decide to climb under the bridges. Got yelled at and threatened by a famous bum that lives under one of the bridges. Like forty feet up. My day ended with me and some crack head drinking 211's. The day did not end well for me.



There are certain parts of DTLA that are incredibly peaceful in the early morning hours.

I remember my boy calling me, asking why I was up. I asked him the same thing and he said he just lost an 8-ball of coke. I asked him where...



Watching Griffith Park burn. It was amazing and sad all at once.



L.A. River near Frogtown and Silverlake area.



The police department next to Little Tokyo. Creeps me out for some reason and not the ones you're probably thinking.



More DTLA.



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CNN office on Sunset. More importantly Amoeba is across the street. A lot of the intellectual homeless like to hang out here and talk about how stupid our leaders are.





Now that's a home worth coming back to. Hail Satan.






Zuma. Neptune's across the street. Good food.





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The Palladium. Haven't been there since the 90s, so I have no idea what its like now. But its a great space to see bands play.



The Pantages and the Frolic Room. Guess which one I haven't gone to?







They're not cold. One of the homeless passengers just smelled that bad. Fuck the tourist traps of Hollywood. You want a good time? Ride 156/656 from 10pm and later. Friday and Saturday are your best bets to encounter the strange, annoying, entertaining and just plain out of their minds.

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Man I love LA. Your pics are so awesome. I wish I could spend more time downtown, maybe this summer (when it's boiling hot where I live).


I think a lot of people who live in LA never go downtown. What a shame that is.


What sort of music are you into? Amoeba is amazing. The only show I've seen at the Palladium was Deathklok/Mastodon/Converge/High on Fire. I prefer smaller venues. I've seen all those bands except Deathklok at much smaller venues, multiple times.


A favorite spot downtown:




Wish I could get inside this building:




And not get raped, I mean.

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