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Estate sale, yard sale, garage sale

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Good luck!


Selling at the swap meet again this sun. Taking a uhaul full of stuff go sell

Furniture etc

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last weekend i went to the packwood swap meet. claimed to be the biggest in the NW.


most of it was complete garbage but i found a rad mutated cedar tree for my yard. yep.

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Had some shit I was gonna take a few days ago. Felt burnt out on selling tho so I donated it all to good will.


Came up on some BRAND NEW Vans there for $19 in the process. (little rubber stubble on the soles and all)

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I am into woodworking and I go to all kinds of sales where ever I go. In the woodworking community, most of the stuff you buy for tools is from these. Very few people actually buy everything brand new. Usually you end up with stuff new and old.


I rarely see anything that looks like it belongs on the oontz. Mostly it is just junk.

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went to a swap meet today just to check it out












want a stolen "mountain" bike?

















slap chop knock-off???




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ski mask boris style






















anyone need some bald tires? fresh coat of armorall!















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every swap meet i go to there are those little bonsai stands, and they are always people trying to rip people off.


shitty $5 spreading junipers from home depot stuffed into a bonsai pot and garnished with a panda on sale for $25...



i've been hitting estate sales lately. i don't collect old paint, but yesterday i found 4 full cans of1965 paper label/metal cap seafoam green derusto, a bunch of 70s derusto, and a couple 80s rusto cans and paid $4.19... was pretty happy about the find, just cool looking cans, and i assume they're actually collectible-ish.

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wow....how did i miss this thread?!


i go to swap meets (flea markets) about once a month...sometimes a couple times a month. there is one in town thats pretty close to me called the folsom blvd flea market...you can pretty much find just about anything here..from the lucha librador masks to regular nintendos/games to porn to paint to pets....etc etc etc...its the one i usually go to on sundays just to people watch or see if i can find some diamond in the rough shit on the cheap...its super fucking hood though.


then theres one thats a little bit further out in the next city over called the roseville denio's auction....this one has better selection on produce and is much much larger...you can find anything at this one...literally anything...but since its a bit far and costs money to park (the folsom blvd one is free parking and free entrance), i usually dont go to it too often.


then theres one a couple towns away in the city of galt...ive only been to this one once but it was a good sized flea market...only thing that sucks (besides it being about an hour away) is that its only open on tuesdays and wednesdays...but i wouldnt mind going there on a day off to get some good elote and buy shit.


that reminds me...i have to go back to the denio's auction to visit the hot sauce vendor...they have a lot of different hot sauces....also i should pick up some socks on the cheap if i go.


as for estate sales/garage sales, i dont really go because a lot of the good shit gets bought up by 7am, and im not waking up that early to buy shit...most of the local antique shops around here are just run by people who buy cool shit at estate sales and mark them up a bit and resell them, so i'd have better luck going to the antique shops...matter of fact i saw a really nice balisong for sale at the last antique shop i was at..i should go back and pick it up sometime.

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Flea markets are fun. I really like the thrill of the chase. Ebay is

cool and all but I like the fact it got this wicked gadget thing from toothless

old woman who found it in the 1950's.

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