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Almost any 'tute you find online has a few subtle hints in her ad that will clue you into whether or not you are gettin some hot porn star action or getting kidnapped and forced into Bulgarian sex slavery.


Here some tips:


**In the pix look for creepers in the background doing weird shit, or counting money, cleaning guns, rapping,,,etc.**


**Pix with blurry faces are spotty. Probably fake pix to boot**


**Pay for that pussy man! One thing you shouldn't skim on is tail. 90% of the expensive hos are worth it. Being a cheap-ass will only result in some faulty shit*...**


** *There is an exception to this rule and its only applies to foreign pussy. You can pay almost nothing for "company" Typically you pay them to leave.**


**These bitches are on a whole new level these days so fuck em with one eye open.**


***Eventually that streetwalkin lil ho will come runnin to you (bc you a slick muthafucka, aren't you??!). Slap the bitch to the ground, throw her a handkerchief and make her shine your Gators with them broken-soul ho tears, no snot.***


***Take your new ho out to International in the Town, kick that bitch out and make her go buy blow-pops. Bitches need to be honin' they ho skillz while cruise the Blade. Inty is a good start, but take that ho to the Van Ness/Polk Blade and put her to work again in the 'Majors' for the graveyard shift. Rip off the drunk old guys and sketchy frat boys. Bring me back at least 5 racks... gimmie 5 more bitch and i'll let ya base yo crack***


That is the Hungus masterplan for gettin rich in '11.


in the last couple of months ive seen actual women prostitutes on Polk, not the normal Diva's and Larkin stab-you-with-a-highheel tranny type shit.

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1. that dudes dick looked like an elephant trunk. NH


2. why is every thread you make about some ridiculous ghetto bad-choice life shit? didn't you almost die on IRC like a month ago? shouldn't you probably be focusing your attentions on living a healthier life, rather than paying for whores? im not your father or nothing, but damn dude.... get your life together.

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200 tops. I realize this lacks ambition or imagination. Its plenty easy to find broads at the bar

that are looking for just as little as I am. Maybe i'm just getting lazy.


actually the economy is driving the market. as far as i can tell at least here 200 is

paying too much. Sub 100 seems to be the jam. Who knows what thats all about.

Either they want what they are requesting just to show up or maybe its police to

begin with or a different girl that looks nothing like the pictures shows up. Or its a

bunch of people that are trying to ambush and kill you. Read about that in the news

not even a month ago

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fuck this thread is embarassing, not even sure what you are really asking here. advice on banging escorts? heres my advice: dont be a bitch, and if you arent confident enough to fuck an escort without consulting with a public internet forum first then you should stick to jacking off to your victorias secret catalogue.

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