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Genital Herpes....bummer.


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cancel out the herpes virus by getting chlamydia. much better than the herpz



ive been fortunate enough to have never been burned.

but after a few unprotected drunken nights with some skeezies, if the only thing you got was chlamydia, thats like a lil piece of heaven.

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but really tho. The only known solution to herpes is the reverse aids cure. Instead of having sex

with a virgin you need to go out and find a meth hooker. One thats got a plethora of infections.

After you contract her bugs they will gang up on your hurp, wipe it out and then it will all magically



edit... after looking at some herpes pics you may have to handle that bitch

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So I fucked this one bitch one time it was like a one time thing and afterward i noticed i had blood on my draws and there was some blood on the sheets of the bed. She wasnt a virgin (probably the biggest slut i know) and she wasnt on her rag (supposedly) i dint check if she had warts (it was dark as fuck) but reading through this threads kinda got me a little shook.


should i be worried?

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i have never met anyone with herpes.

never heard shit through the grapevine about bitches havin it either.

ghonno, chlamydia, sure.


i must run in different circles than some of you.


Statistically I highly doubt this, unless you were homeschooled and live in a biodome

How do you know?

I like the certainty of this thought process

good luck with the herp og poster

Everyone in here should make sure planned parenthood never gets shut down

it'll only increase the herpes lvlz

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i guess i shoulda rephrased that into: ive never heard of anyone in my circle with the herp, suspected they had the herp, or who has fucked someone with the herp.


niggas tend to keep that shit to themselves i guess.


Cold sores.

Everybody knows somebody who gets them.

Home schooled ass nigga.

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