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shit just got real


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2 Men Try To Rob Internet Cafe, 1 Killed By Security Guard



SEMINOLE COUNTY, FL. - Just like a scene right out of a Hollywood film, two would be robbers enter an internet cafe intent on robbing the place and one ends up paying for it with his life.


Gary Bryant, 21 was killed in a shootout with a security guard. But not before he manages to get back to the get away vehicle with a bag of money, where one accomplice was waiting with the engine running. His body was found dumped later that night by police. He was on already on probation for robbery at the time of this incident.

Police are still looking for his two accomplices.

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If this security guard was a normal citizen in his house, he would be tried for murder because the robber was leaving and had his back turned when the shot was fired.


Just sayin. Not that he deserves it.


Fucked up his body just got dumped, but when you do these things you can't be surprised by the results.

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since when are there "armed security guards" posted up at "internet" cafes?


lol at stupid nurga barely making it through the door in the first place. lol.


i've seen kids get knifed and guns pulled at pc cafes lol tons of heat and UO's trying to fit in wearing their damn philly's blunt t-shirts like 10 years ago haha. doesn't suprise me



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As much as I'm siding with the security guard on this, isn't it illegal to shoot someone in the back while they're fleeing in most states?

Especially when the security guard was the first one firing shots?

Actually, if you watch that video it looks like he was the only one firing shots.

Yes I read the print, and no I don't see anybody other than the security guard busting shots.


Like I said I'm on his side on this, I'm just saying though.

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"This shit is funny to me. They dumped his fucking body like it was garbage LOL. One less bum off the fucking street! And know, I'm not racist! I'm black!"



The fuck were they supposed to do, turn themselves in along with their dead homie?

I'm sure dude knew the deal before they went in, and I'm sure he would've done the same if it were one of the others.


You ever hear the term "no use crying over spilled milk"?

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