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fight for your right revisited


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For instance, the first black sheep album is one of the beat albums in the history of hip hop IMO. Totally slept on.


If you're talking about "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing," I wouldn't say that album was slept on. "The Choice Is Yours" was an instant classic and got pretty hyped up all around. If anything, that was the only album of theirs that WASN'T slept on.


This album was slept on.




Black Sheep - Without A Doubt



Totally different album from WISC, but worth checking out, especially now when most hip hop is total garbage. You know shit is bad when you'd rather hear

than most of the shit on the radio or TV.
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About the short film though, I think it's more of a music video and people were expecting more of a narrative. At least that's what my issues with it were. When I first heard about this, I thought it was going to be something completely different. So if I went into that thinking it was just another video for their new single --I think I would have enjoyed it a hell of a lot more.


I wish someone would make a good Beastie Boys bio-pic. Those mother fuckers have some crazy stories. How three white Jewish kids came out of Brooklyn and became hip hop kings during the most prominent years is a story I'd pay to see in the theater. As long as it's not done like "Notorious" or any of these other polished turd looking bio-pics.

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ive seen this a few times since my initial review.

i was a bit too harsh. shit is pretty fucking funny.



dude, non fiction was embarrassing. eek.

WISC had some classic songs, but as a whole, people dont talk about what a good album it is. everyone knows 'choice is yours revisited', but rarely will you ever hear black with NV or similak child in a club (unless im djing). start to finish that album is beastin. lawnge was such a dope producer, but got almost no credit for it.

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It was no WISC, but Non Fiction had some shit. Specifically, Lawnge's version of Without A Doubt, with the David Axelrod sample... that beat is soooo much doper than the one everyone plays, but youtube seems to be sleeping on it.


But yeah, aside from Choice Is Yours, there was a lot of heat on Sheep's Clothing that gets overlooked. If you go to a 90's hip-hop night, you'll hear Bonita Applebaum twice (and quite possibly some Shaq) before Have U.N.E. Pull.

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Hipster music:


Beastie Boys


All metal


Old school hip hop

90's hip hop

Girl Talk

Lil Wayne


Dirty Projectors



the Harlem Globetrotters theme song that they whistle


Classic Rock

Invisible Scratch Picklz

Anything with a Ukelele

Anything by a rapper whose wardrobe looks like he stepped out of a rock video from the 80's

Anything by a rapper whose wardrobe looks like he stepped out of a cartoon from the 80's

The Postal Service

TV on the Radio

The theme song from Blossom

Animal Collective

Anything with "bear" in the title



Rick Astley

Rick Ross

Michael Jackson

The White Stripes

The soundtrack to the movie "Stripes"

Yacht Rock

Django Reinhardt


Guns n' Roses


The cantina band from Star Wars

Jay Z


Dr Dre

Yngwe Maalstroom

Any movie theme by Kenny Loggins



Yakety Sax from the Benny Hill show

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