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Man caught by K9, bites dog back, sues


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so it's not an issue of it being a police dog?


if my home was being robbed, i would deal with it.

i seriously doubt the police in my area would interrupt a burglary at my home if i wasn't there.

in that case, my dogs would deal with it.

if my house was robbed and no one was around to deal with it, i may have to call the cops so i could file an insurance claim, but i'm still not sure i would call them. i'd probably just suck it up.



as far as the article goes, i just found it funny the guy bit the k9 back.

i don't care that he got fucked up all that much, since he's a robber, but the use of k9's by the police is something i'm not comfortable with. they are man's best friend, not cops best friend.

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This guy I work showed me a video where the police were having a stand off with a guy in front of his house. The guy tries to pull a gun and the police set their police dog after him and then start firing at both the dog and the guy. They end up shooting both of them. Long story short the guy is left to bleed out on his front steps and the dog gets medflighted out. I can't believe how fucking stupid they were for firing on the dog I'll try to find the video.

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actually gatsby,

i know what video youre talking about.

the dude didnt even have a gun, he had a slipper from the porch of the ladies house he was using as cover.

they sent the dog, he tossed the slipper and they light both of em up before the dog even gets to the dude.




skip to 12:30 to just see the shooting part.

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