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91, 95 and 98. I can get E85 which is denatured ethanol blend fuel, but you need to have your car tuned to use it long term. We use the RON measure in Australia, and you blokes use what I believe is the MON system. So your 'regular' at around 82/83MON is the same as our 91RON unleaded.


In Japan the premium fuel is 100RON!! Lucky buggers.


We used to be able to get Ultimate 102, which would have been like 95 in your money. That cleaned out the injectors pretty nicely!

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in sacramento cali =


in november it shot up to about $4.69 for regular unleaded (because of the refinery fire in richmond) at shell gas station.


then the ampm/arco gas station by my work dropped to as low as $3.17 just a month and a half ago...and now, that same gas station is at $3.93.

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It hovers around $4 here.


When I was a kid (1986 or so) gas dropped to something like 68 cents a gallon at one point. When I started working as a messenger (1997) it was about $1.50 a gallon...I've never had a license so gas prices have never directly affected me, or so I'd like to think.

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