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Punked out the Reliant Energy online chat rep

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the following is how you handle these slimeball motherfuckers.... spoiler, the issue is not resolved. part two tomorrow.


part one - online customer support

-----Chat InformationPlease wait for a site operator to respond. The current wait time is 0 minutes, 2 seconds.


-----Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'Jorge'




you: hi jorge


Jorge: Hi. How can I assist you today?


you: my name is [omitted name], care for my acct #?


you: i need to discuss payment


you: and the recently waived deposit for my account, i called earlier today


Jorge: I will be happy to assist with the payment.


you: but the person has gone home


you: ok


you: can you see notes from my account?


you: [omitted name] , ###########-##


Jorge: Yes I can may i verify the name on the account and the service address?


you: [vital info omitted]


Jorge: Thank you for the information [name omitted], how are you this evening?


you: great


you: watching the game


you: just gotta get this done, but i see the online balance does not reflect the change made this afternoon


you: so im here


Jorge: Well that's good to hear now what questions did you have on the balance?


you: The $270 deposit was waived by an account specialist on the phone


you: and i told her i had to run to the bank and go to school


you: and if i called would their new CSR i'd speak with see the notes and appropriate ammount


you: she assured me


you: but my phones dying


you: and the internet runs on a computer thats plugged into the wall


you: so i figured i'd speak with you today


you: and see if i can do this online instead of wasting time waiting for phone to charge


you: basically.


Jorge: Ok well let me see what I can find out on the account as far as the balance. Please allow me 3-4 minutes


you: the balance should be about $20.96


you: no problem, im here bud thx


you: plus my new balance for april she said was in the mail already


you: i just wanna take care of the $20.96 now


you: and wait till i get paid for the other.


Jorge: Thank you for your patience at this time the balance is 130.37 with a past due of 34.03 and a current bill of 96.34. It may take at least a billing cycle to see the change but that is the balance at this time


you: I see. past due 34.03... when was it due?


you: i see april 15th on my paper bill as the FIRST due date on here


you: for anything


Jorge: It was due on 04/01/2011


you: so in order to avoid interruption of service we need the $34 taken care of?


you: $34.03


Jorge: Just the 34.03 for the deposit was waived at this time.


you: ok ok


you: just remember speaking to her, she said my previous balance was $284.03


you: $270 of that was waived, which leaves $14.03 plus $6.89 for my first bill


you: let me get my bill one sec, yes that's correct


you: $14.03 + $6.89


you: still, thats about $21, not $34.03


you: i fail to see the extra $13 in all of this


Jorge: It's ok I just want to make sure how much was removed of the deposit amount.


you: $270 was the full deposit ammount asked


Jorge: Let me just take a look for you. Please allow another 3-4 minutes.


you: ok thanks


Jorge: Thank you for your patience do apologize for the delay


you: no problem


Jorge: I am still looking into it for the first bill which was in 03/15/2011 was for an amount of 23.78 then the next bill came out which was for 10.25


Jorge: When added together the balance is 34.03 which is past due


you: that is all in-congruent with statements previously heard via telephone from account specialists early this afternoon


you: but i believe YOU see that in front of YOU...


you: because YOU have no reason to lie to me.....


you: and YOU only go by whats on the screen, am I right?


Jorge: of course and the amounts are what I am seeing on the invoices on the account


you: the back of my bill breaks down to $6.89


you: after all applicable taxes and base charges and whatever else fees


you: i used 28kwh


you: not 2800


you: not 280


you: twenty eight


you: 28kwh x .09cents per kwh


you: total energy consumption came to be less money than the $2.77 base charge you guys seem to think is necessary


you: that, combined with two more fees and/or taxes, came to $6.89


Jorge: Yes sir but again there were two bills prior to that bill that you are looking at.


you: this plus the $14.03 from the bill that said $284.03 -$270 of course


you: is it late fees being tacked on somewhere?


you: i still don't follow.


Jorge: There are billing date 03/15/2011 and 03/16/2011


you: ok


Jorge: There is one bill that was for an address of [address omitted]


Jorge: That was for the amount of 23.78


you: ok well i guess i have no other option. unless there's a comprehensive breakdown of all charges inccured, viewable somewhere by either me or a third party verifier


you: im at the will of what you say my bill is, even though it's incongruent with my records, or records of reliant csr's and account specialists


you: spoken with earlier today


Jorge: I can send the bills by email so you can see them?

you: i would love that in fact



you: i will handle all this tomorrow


you: thank you and good day.


you: still here until you need to say "thank you for being a reliant customer"


you: :)


Jorge: We thank you for being a reliant customer, we appreciate your business have a good evening as well.

you: peace












fuck that guy. ima get what i want cuz im not gonna fucking quit. fuck corporate america and their shell games.




disclaimer: i know it's not a lot of cash, it's the motherfucking principle.

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Never flying United Airlines again.


Second worst flying experience ever. Asiana was the worst.


Fuck everything for that matter.



k, I'm done. Thanks for reading.

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Never flying United Airlines again.


Second worst flying experience ever. Asiana was the worst.


Fuck everything for that matter.



k, I'm done. Thanks for reading.



about to fly UA from SEA to MSP, wish me luck!


had to deal with some of this kind of shit today at work, only on the phone, and I wasn't doing so much punking out



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