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Help out a noob: How do I make a pic from flickr appear within my post?





So many things I'd like to do differently:

adjust the 3D so the top arm gets some action

thinner black key line

have wings that don't look like a two year old drew them.


My camera sucks too, the colours are so much brighter in real and is the thing that works the best on this letter.


Might punch out anothery if I get the time.


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nice one there Christo


to get a picture from your flickr just right click on the img and (I always choose) med 640, once that has thenloaded just copy image location. Weird you can't do it from your photostream you actually have to view other sizes to get image location.

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I use virgin blood and gasoline. I'll settle for nothing less.


Bourgeois pig, I use mud and spit.






I just bought a new car and a furnished a whole home from scratch. I'm buying cheap-arse Kmart markers right now!! I did lash out and buy two Letraset Aqua Promarkers the other day; Cobalt Teal and Sap Green. Also bought a Zig marker, platinum colour the other day. Only colour is much darker than the cap makes out. My kingdom for a very light grey non-bleeding marker!!

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Couple more for the practice:


The obligatory simp


IMG_5823 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr


Bit of a play around with a few


IMG_5828 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr


IMG_5831 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr


IMG_5849 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr






This is that J that I said I'd finish. Sometimes I think I should just leave my stuff as black and white. I totally borked it with bad colour choice, bad fill and shitty marker/pad bleed. Went to bed all pissed off that night....



IMG_5805 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr


IMG_5844 by jiangtaixi, on Flickr

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