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quit my job today

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plus im only getting 7 bucks an hour..barely enough to live on.



where ya workin son, mcdonalds?


quiting is all good as long as you have another job lined up, but i could never understand people who quit just because they got pissed off over some meaningless bullshit.



my homey just quit his job without another one because he got pissed off.

now hes even more pissed off with less money.



There's something liberating about quitting a job. Especially when you just walk the fuck out. I have done that in my younger days, its not the right way, but if a job sucks it sucks.


this too.

i remember being 16 and working at a grocery store in the produce section.

this cashier i was tryna smash ratted me out for smoking weed at work.

i come in the next day, and the bitch manager is sweatin me hard, saying shes gonna write me up and shit.

sometime during my verbal reprimand i said fuck this job, and interrupted her power trip.

"you know what, i dont think this job is for me, im gonna leave now" i say.

"you cant leave, youre the only one scheduled, youre closing. if you leave, im gonna have to stay to cover your shift."




i remember embarking on the 45 minute walk home and feeling happier than i had in a long time.

whenever i quit a job i really hate im always amazed on how i let a job make me miserable for so long.


lifes too short.

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Congratulations on quitting your job. I've personally never held a real job for more than a year, so now I just have to work for myself. Sure the pay sucks, but it's better than being a complete bum.


. . . but I have to say, Austin ranks as one of my least favorite cities in the U.S. I might be cool for Texas, but in the end it's still Texas. The only cool thing I've ever done in Austin was visit the Gas Station from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", but I guess that's not even in Austin, it's like a half hour outside.


It's just too much of a drunk, jock, bro-dude town for me.


Maybe there's more to it that I've been missing, enlighten me.


Austin is the complete opposite of a dude-bro town.

Infact, last time I was there I remember commenting that I hadn't seen one person all day who wasn't either a hipster or a 45 year old punk rock.

Maybe it depends on what side of town you're in, but if your impression of Austin was that it's a bro-dude jock town then you were doing it wrong.

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where ya workin son, mcdonalds?




nah,but something just as meaningless and shitty.


im tryna move on up to a job that pays 12.50 with benefits...im not gonna get it but i can dream haha



im 18 btw..so yeah,not like im gonna get a good job haha.

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only had one job where I had to be responsible. pizza joint on the eastside 2 miles outside detroit, on gratiot for those that are familiar with the area. anyway, was the am manager, had a key and had to open every morning, prep, blah blah blah. we had an online ordering option, and that was the few orders we got during the day, I was suppose to sell slices but never did. so every wednesday I would lock up at noon, smoke some weed, and get my har did. shaved. no gaurd. real niggas dont fuck with hair on they head. did this 3 times, 4th time the owner showed up, I was gone, pizza oven on, nothing done, and I got my hair cut clean. fired on the spot. cool story asshole.


edit, I guess you could say the military was a job I had to be responbile at. I also shit my pants in basic training.

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Every time I've been there i was playing in a band, all punk rock inside the club, bro-dude assholes everywhere the moment I stepped out onto the street.


Austin is one of the few places I've been where people are actually walking down the street trashed yelling "Woooooooooooooooooo!" with their arms up in the air.


I have friends that live there and they drag us all over the place, but there's just something about the state of Texas that I don't like. . . and every time I leave that place I think to myself "I'd kill myself if I lived in Texas".



Like I said, you were doing it wrong.

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