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quit my job today

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im considering quiting tommorrow. i flled out apps at like 3 stores already...i just really don't like my job or my manager..plus im only getting 7 bucks an hour..barely enough to live on.


fml and all that bullshit..bloodfart makes me want to quit even more now..

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quiting is all good as long as you have another job lined up, but i could never understand people who quit just because they got pissed off over some meaningless bullshit. either way bloodfart its awesome you got the v.i.p. treatment on your way out to better and bigger things

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See I was gonna say something snide about how bloodfart posts, then I realized she makes me LOL and wouldn't care anyway, although she might quote me to tell me she didn't care, which in turn could imply that she does.


I'm full of Chinese food and beer I'm going out soon WHATEVER

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Some things never change.

One of those things being that every time I post, no matter what it's about, there's gonna be a few lamers that have negative stuff to say.

I can't be bothered by negativity.

P.M.A. is what gets me through in life.


I could make insulting remarks to folks that try to put me down, but getting wrapped up in that nonsense isn't really what I'm about at this point in my life.

I know for a fact that my life rules so hard right now, and that is all due to hard work and lifestyle changes...ain't nobody gonna bring me down and make me feel bad because of the way I write.



We made the day-long event that is coming back to the states.

It was fine.

Everybody was nice and helpful and it all went better than expected.

I was telling dude the other day that if you are nice to people, then they in turn will be nice to you and will want to do all they can to be helpful.

He mentioned over dinner last night how he's been trying it out and so far it's working for him really well.

So yeah.

There's always that.



We're staying with my family while we look for a place to live.

They all want me to get a place within a few blocks from the house, so I can be over here all the time.

I don't know about that.

I love my family and am happy to see them again.

But I also love having my own space and not being sucked into scheduling my life around the needs of others.

Sometimes I like to focus on myself and be a bit selfish.

We'll see.


It's five in the morning.

Everyone is asleep and the house is silent and still.

And all I can think about is biscuits and gravy.




Austin can be a bro-dude town.

But that isn't the Austin that I live.

Life is what you make of it.

If you hang out at lame bars and get drunk all the time, you're just going to be around lame drunk jerks.

I don't do that sort of thing, so I don't hang in places where those sorts frequent.

It's a beautiful city with a lot of good stuff going on.

You just have to be looking for the right things.



It's good to be home.

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Also, my family seems to be really impressed with my big muscles.

I'm going to whip my brother and sister-in-law into shape.

Starting today.

I'm going to make them wish I was never born.

And probably puke.

It's what I aim for in a workout.

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I've always liked the way Blood Fart writes since I came on here, it's not trying to be poetry.

It makes it easier to read when there is more than a one sentence if you hit enter after each sentence is finished.

Look, I'm doing it right now, some people on here actually read above a 2nd grade level and can handle more than a single line of text, this just makes it easier to read.

To top it off there is actual thought and content in what she's writing and it's not some shallow observation anyone could give.

That is all.

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