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i have dreams = fucking awsome

also including RAMBO i havent heard them yet but i have heard amazing things about them.

MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD theyre obviously not new but theyre fucking awsome, theyre new cd is off the heezy

fuck silent majority..TRIPFACE was the better of the long island duo...in my opinion...speaking of l.i. bands, on the might of princes took me by suprise definitly worth checking out.

HOLY MOLAR the locust with marc mccoy of charles bronson singing...just awsome.

THE OATH mark mccoy again on vox and nate of monster x/devoid of faith fame on guitar....fucking awsome REAL hardcore.


thats all for now.

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Guest blood as ink

hey j3di...rambo will blow you away...so crazy.

good job metioning holy molar and the oath. i saw the oath twice and i have to say they made seeing bronson look like crap...good stuff.


the lab rats...fuckin' angry teenage hardcore...also sharp knife...some of the same members...poppier but amazing in a different way then the lab rats.

pretty girls make graves...just great...it's no area 51 or death wish kids but is good none the less.

nigel pepper cock...umm yeah...wow.

there's alot more too.

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Rocket From The Crypt

High On Fire

Burnt By The Sun

Dead Meadow


Sea Of Tombs


Cave In

Hot Snakes


Strike Anywhere

Knives Out

Hey Mercedes

Kid Dynamite




The Secert Stars

Elliott Smith

Bright Eyes


Rocky V.

Dashboard Confessional <----yes, I dig them.


My Morning Jacket



Fiona Apple

Jill Scott

John Coltrane

Elvis Costello

Billie Holiday

Stephen Brodsky

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RAMBO. i saw them in philly last new years. they were really fun, as for music iv never heard them on record, and i couldnt really pay attention to them becuase i was busy proctecting myself from getting kicked in the face. they set was fucking good. big ass circle pit. 2 robots, that got torn apart, mosh machines i think they were called. this other band played too, mmmm from pittsburgh i think, they sounded really good.

anyways. other bands that need talking about...off the top of my head.




reversal of man.

inhumanity / guyana punchline

bright calm blue

older bright eyes

uh what else

death wish kids, yay

last 40 seconds

trillion barnical lapse (oddly im undecided on this band, its like 100 things going on at one time, its good yet at the same time i think annoying. worth checking out....trillionbarnicallapse / last 40 seconds 7in split on pretty in pink records...)

mmm what else is there

usurp mother fuckin synapse, alot of people hate them becuase they spit on people and their music is silly, but goodness all around.

neil perry.

black dice (the hardcore stuff, not that bullshit "noise" thats just annoying)

yea theres more.

oh -tion thats the mo fuckin shit right there kids. TION 4 LIFE. they did a good show too when i saw them. dog pile on the singer during a song...


yea i know all the bands sound the same.

fuck converge and botch and all that other melodic metal hardcore bullshit whatever.

metal free is the way to be.

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