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So I have mentality of a 13 year old and stole all these blank checks.....

sausage party

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I read the first post, jumped to here and took a quick look at the picture of the woman that injury posted so there may very well be content that I have overlooked in my analysis of this thread.


My friends older brother did three years in the Arizona state pen for writing 800 dollars of bad checks, with his own checks.


So, be sure you have the knowledge and dedication before you go wondering off into the glamorous world of check fraud. Winners only in that club.

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i was is in a similar situation and stole someones bag once, thinking about the wonders that await me inside of it. when i left i opened it up and found nothing except medicine. an inhaler and diabetes stuff. i had never felt so bad in my life. i put it back. karma is a motherfucker. you need to return that shit.

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Last week my bike was stolen. it was partly my own fault. I left it locked up downtown for too long because my friend lost the key and i was "too busy" doing other shit to get it. so its gone. im an idiot.


fast forward to last night. I decide to perpetuate the shitty karma.


Im in the back yard at a party with some friends when i see a messenger bag on the ground near me, jus' hangin'. I use my better judgment and leave it alone. an hour and about three drinks later, i see that fuckin bag, just sitting there, begging me to take it.


"come on dude, just pick me up! no ones gonna notice"


I ignore it and get back to partying. we decide to leave and walk right by it, i pick it up and throw it in a corner, five minutes later scooped it and went home.


upon looking in the bag i found, among other things, a bunch of this persons checks. They have been sitting on my coffee table since last night and im still staring at them, wondering what i should do with them. I was taking a shower nh and thought "the oontz will know wat to do, those niggers be stupid"


so what should i do with all these blank checks and, more importantly, can i even use them to buy cool shit w/o catching alot of heat right off the bat?


EDIT: save me your lectures on morals, i just wanna know how i can get stuff out of this.



shitty move buddy.

ima have to punch you next time i see you.


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