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So I have mentality of a 13 year old and stole all these blank checks.....

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I got black out drunk on St Paddys day and ganked someones wigger new era hat. I don't know why, I wouldn't wear it and felt shitty about it in the morning. I've racked 10k plus in retail, but never from some random individual. Feels bad man. I've had my wallet picked up at a bar and it's the biggest pain in the dick ever. Replacement IDs, cards, filing against fraudulent charges. Ass. I've had a bag stolen before too and all they got was an early 2000 cell phone, sketchbook and a hat a good friend made for me in CO. The bag was nice too but the hat and book meant a lot to me and I'm sure they just junked everything when they found nothing out value. Much like sausage will likely do.


TL;DR/Cool story bro: Steal from big box chain stores, not from random individuals. Unless they deserve it. Some do.

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"the oontz will know wat to do, those niggers be stupid"


you came online asking how to commit check fraud, but we're the stupid ones? :lol: that said....



People are mad and hypocritical as fuck in this thread.


this. i have done dodgy things that didnt uphold to the totally righteous 5th element of hiphop racker-bro code so id kinda have no right to tell you not to do anything. but it just probably wouldnt be worth it in all honesty

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