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Link didn't even work for me even with VPN.


I also have sincere doubts concerning war with Iran in the next 12 months at least.


Even considering their nuke prog, I don't think that will drive Israel/US to war. Israel desperately wants to hammer Tehran but doesn't have the capability or capacity (unless it used nukes itself and I cannot see that happening) to carry out a successful strike against Iran (keeping in mind that we are talking about weeks in to months of an air campaign to take out air defenses first, anti-ship missile batteries and mining vessels on the Straits, as much of the small craft they can, Iranian counter-strike capabilities that also include SRBM/cruises that can hit oil fields in eastern KSA, nuclear enrichment, reprocessing and energy plants, weapon/missile construction facilities and so on. Second thing to consider is that a lot of these facilities are hardened or underground and Israel does not have the penetration capability to properly destroy them).


And the US simply does not want it right now otherwise Iran will try and shut the Hormuz Straits sending oil prices to like USD300pb, they will make both Iraq and Afghanistan hell again and more than likely unleash Hezbollah on Israel and all the hits they have sitting on the shelf in places like Argentina, Canada, the US, Australia, India, Brazil, etc, etc.



Nobody is in a position to take on Iran right now without using nukes. That's why they are acting like they have balls the size of watermelons.

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if you suggest that we supply people with arms

iran supplies people with arms

and those people fight

we're already at war


if you're proposing that someone will invade someone else, or that weapons would be launched into either the US or Iran by the other in the coming months, you're nuts.

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