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DemandProgress.org - a good tool to demand change - but this made me lol

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I am a supporter of this organization, they do good things in general, and it gives a voice to people on this side of the digital divide (by that i mean all these old fuckers and idiots who can still and do vote and don't own a computer because of whatever reason and they believe foxnews to be truth as told by god - WE OUR STARTING TO OUTNUMBER THEM AS THEY DIE OFF FROM DISEASE AND OLD AGE!! woot).


I've signed many online petitions.... our last big win was killing the Patriot Act ... seen in this communique from my email box


David Segal, DemandProgress.org

to me




We just scored a huge victory on the PATRIOT Act.


When we first took on this fight, everybody told us we didn't have a chance of winning. Even the other big activism groups had given up hope. For ten years, the PATRIOT Act had been renewed again and again without real fixes or serious debate. Why would this year be any different?


But thanks to you, it was. Instead of rubber-stamping the bill for another three years, as was originally proposed, the House and Senate have just agreed to hold real hearings on fixing the PATRIOT Act. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL), a longtime PATRIOT Act critic, has promised to craft and pass a bill that ends PATRIOT Act abuses. This is huge.

SO...big win on that. fight the power, etc etc



but then something made me have to write back to this fucker and tell him what time it is in Texas...


this is the email he sent


big /nh on all that


so I hit him back immediately. i don't know who David Segal is, but I think he's pissing in the wind on this one






as wrong as two boys kissin in a taco joint in el paso


/nh all over this thread, usually demand progress.org does decent work. I guess I'll have to post some more of the shit they send to petition on. it's legit and works. online petitions take 2 seconds to sign. i support them in general. until someone tells me it's all shenanigans and has proof. you know the drill.



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I'm not a big fan of PDAs gay or otherwise but whatever, it doesn't ruin my life. I don't think this law should be on the books, and I find it astonishing that there's pols who will openly state that they support it (tacitly or otherwise). Maybe it's because I'm a Bay Area native, I don't know....it sounds crazy from my perspective.


But at the same time I agree, there's much bigger issues at stake...by comparison this a) doesn't rate as one of them and b) sounds like a personal agenda. If I were gay and Texan I probably would just move somewhere more tolerant and be done with it.

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the story was that they refused to leave when told to kick rocks


it's like a gay boy kissing sit in. whatevs, fuck up outta my taco joint. i refuse the right to service you if it's my taco joint. so bounce with that gay shit somewheres else esse




also, whats up shai how ya been man. maybe i need to get back into the IRC. theres not enough intelligent banter here lately. and TC... welll, you know

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I've been around, just not posting as much.


As far as I know there's no IRC at the moment. I was considering setting up a server but it looks like I'm going to be moving out of my house in the not too distant future. Doesn't mean someone else can't do it...I was hanging out with Illuminati last night, maybe he'll be interested if I give him the hardware.

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great minds should stick together.


hows the squatting going? still fighting the power? so awesome. glad there's awesome people willing to go all robin hood on modern day society. it's how we all should live - by we i mean like minded individuals of distinct style, taste, and class. i'm the classiest bum you'll ever meet.


haha. goin to bed. stay up homey :)

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I'll post an update in that other thread, but short version=not so great. I'm still not sure what I'm doing here, I kind of had a lapse as far as moral certitude goes.


I'm planning on heading north (Seattle/PDX/Eugene) to see some friends soon...I need some time away from Oakland.

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The thing with freedom is, you have to defend it even if someone uses their freedom to do things you don't agree with.

Like for me, I think Nazi's are dirtbags, that doesn't mean I think holding racist social and political beliefs should be illegal.

Like if someone wanted to exercise their right to free speech, and express racist views, I'd defend their right to do it.

That doesn't mean I support their views, it means I support free speech.


Regardless of whether or not you think homosexuality is wrong or not, what good does a law against it do?

Maybe ____________ is wrong to most people, but making and supporting laws against it, especially if it's not standing in anyones way is wrong IMHO.

I have friends and family that are gay, I think it would be wrong to impose laws against them mainly because I don't think it's wrong or hurting anyone.

I also think it's wrong because I'm not a hypocrite when it comes to freedom, it's more than just a slogan.

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