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Cope2 facts : Chuck Norris style


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stolen from another thread, but well worth starting a new one for specifically those statements.


One time the Cops actually arrested Cope but before they caught him he drank an entire case of Krink.

So when he went to see the judge the next morning he pissed out this huge extinguisher tag in the court room.

The Judge was so moved by the show of artistic skill a tear fell from his eye and he just dropped the charges.



i heard cope2 once finished a fill and then sprinkled coke on the cloor to make it drug related.



Cope2 was painting ten throw-ups at the same time on the side of Jeniffer Anniston's mansion in Los Angeles, she was washing her hair and smelt the waft of his spray paint come through the bathroom window.

She stopped what she was doing and ran down as quickly as possible. But when confronted by the power of the True Legend himself, she found her anger very quickly subsided and she lost all control of her limbs and became powerfully aroused.

They made love for 5 days straight in a bed of rucksacks.



Cope2 was his own parole officer
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