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My highschool geometry teacher sucked some student off


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many years ago... long long time ago, i got wasted drunk at a tavern one night and there was a lady there who claimed to be an elementary school art teacher. she liked the design on my shirt. took her home sniffed a rail and destroyed the vaginus... NO MERCY.


while this isnt quite as gangster as getting top from your teacher as her student, i was proud given the fact i was underage had unlawfully entered the bar.

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kids a serious buster. Dumb broad should have known better too tho. I'm not sayin

i would do something like this but instead of telling on her he could have got her

for stacks of hush money. After all. Not only does she lose her job because of this but

its either a high court misdemeanor or a class C felony in washington for what she did.

Depends on how they want to charge her. Chances are they will allow her to cop out

to the misdemeanor but then again she abused a trust position. I've read about teachers

getting sent up for years over shit just like this.

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Teachers can barely afford hush puppies.





That's actually a myth.

They aren't balling, but they make a pretty good living.

Plus they have Union benefits and only have to work 9 months out of the year and still get payed during the other 3.


What other jobs do you know where you make a middle class salary + a 3 month payed vacation?

+ Union benefits?

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