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Nigguh Stole My TV - no, really...


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there's a bat and a hammer by my door



but i always think



"wtf this is dumb...if someone breaks in while i'm taking a nap then they have my bat and my hammer"



i should get a gun and keep that shit at the door instead






then keep a bazooka under the bed



no homeowner








's insurance

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yea i carry a piece on me pretty much 24/7 and you can bet money that if i saw someone stealing from my neighbors or people i knew i would be running up pistol in hand


<----location check


i know i am late to this thread but what part of texas you stay in nsbm?

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i'd tell you to call the police but that would mean you wouldn't be keeping it real and would be no longer hip hop and that is unacceptable


i guess your only option is to shoot at every green tahoe you see with black people in it, that is if they haven't already stolen another car. also shoot your neighbors too because they snitched and are no longer keepng it real and that could bring down the realness value of your neighborhood which directly correlates with the property value.

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