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Cheesy, horrible (or good) gore/splatter horror films...


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God damn I love old horror movies from the '80s. The worse and more low-budget, the better in my opinion. It's funny because otherwise I'm kind of a film snob who likes indie art-fag type shit but I'm a sucker for old school splatter.


Some favorites include Burial Ground, where a creepy midget playing a child zombie bites his own mother's tit off.


In fact, Italian splatter is a personal favorite.


Zombi, anything Argento or Fulci... shit like that.


So, anyway, what's your favorite horror flick or flicks and why? And if you got any unknown films you don't think people have seen but would dig, share 'em!


I suggest:


Alice, Sweet Alice

Really strange late '70s release where you never really know who the killer is and it's a pretty cool mindfuck. Kinda tame by today's gore standards but the stabbings and beatings look pretty real given there's no budget.


The Evil Dead Trap

Not the film you're thinking although I love the film with Ash kicking Deadite ass. This one is a Japanese slasher with an eye-gouging scene that makes the one in Zombi seem tame by comparison. Holy shit. This TV woman hosting a Japanese "Amazing Videos" kind of show gets this submission of a topless chick being cut up with a big fucking knife. She and her crew go to the scene to investigate. It plays out slightly like standard slasher fare except the gore is some of the most realistic shit I've ever seen. It gets strange and supernatural at the end with a corny twist you'll see coming and a second twist that makes no sense but fuck it. The rest is worth it and the film nerd in me loves the camera work and lighting.


Night of the Zombies (aka "Hell of the Living Dead")

This one sucks but it's fun. I mean, you get a zombie grandmother with a cat inside her. Lots of gore too. Zombies punch a woman's face hollow popping her eyes out at the camera while ripping her tongue out. It's pretty silly so don't take it seriously. You also get a tapdancing SWAT team member wearing a green tutu who gets torn apart by zombies. And stock footage. And zombies can bite your fingers off like they were gummie worms. And a zombie rat. And still, yeah... zombie grandmother with a cat inside her. Fuck yeah!



Note the plural in the title. Years before a shitty series of direct-to-DVD videos about a wise-cracking scarecrow that kills people came out, there was this bizarre little entry that is really hard to explain. Some thieves have stolen millions of dollars and a military plane with hostages. They crash near a farm and three scarecrows menace them with bloodletting and whatnot but then later things get inexplicable as they start to speculate they are all dead and in Hell (but I won't tell if you they are right or not... it's a mystery).


Bad Taste

Peter Jackson made King Kong and Lord of the Rings but before he had millions in his budgets, he ran around making strange little splatter-fests like this one. He appears onscreen looking EXACTLY like Harry Potter and chasing around himself (he plays two roles) with a hammer and gets his brains knocked out and there's aliens trying to start a fastfood chain and... shit... let's just say there's a lot happening in this movie. It's funny too. If you want to see a randomly exploding sheep and people drinking green, milky vomit, this is your film.


That's a good start. Anyone else wanna share?

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