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ok, so in the second video the guy is trying to say that the sun went OUT?? I mean i know there is a slight delay because of the distance and the speed of light and all that. But wouldnt that be something that, oh, i dont know... would be the END of our universe? I kinda think looking out the window would have solved that one for him.



As for the actual eclipse, i didnt notice it. And i may be wrong but wouldnt it have to cycle into full rather than be an abrupt... "the sun just got blocked out!" are they asserting that like a spaceship or something blotted it out? Or the illuminati have some kind of secret world sized mr. burns sun blocker dish?? i dont get it...




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one of the replies in the first video.


• "And I beheld when He [JESUS] had opened the sixth seal,


and, lo,


there was a great earthquake [Japan?];




and the moon became as blood;" [Revelation 6:12]


Prophecies of the Coming Jesus Christ. There will be an anti-Christ to come first, and the whole world will follow him. And then JESUS returns, and it all comes to an end. Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus to be saved!



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I was hip to quoting Revelations for political/ social gains pretty early on. An uncle of mine opined freely and often on the negative impact of that sort of thing. He's passed now so I can't discuss it with him but I think in the last decade it has evolved into an imperative. As far back as the 50's he spoke of this insidious political tactic but... since the rise of the Xian Coalition and evangelical movement I fear that instead of a few disenfranchised kooks and bold but infrequent references by elected officials, we have now moved into an era where our Govt. actually functions on the 'end times' doctrine. So, why even fix the budget or create jobs? Obviously we should reverse Roe v. Wade so Jesus will be cool with us when he shows up in a few short months or years... plus we should probably quietly (LOUDLY) oppress women, blacks, jews and hispanics... and gays... and the Irish.


*the Irish basically being black hispanic gay jewish women... but drunk too!

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