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how do those writers get up on those billboards were the ladder don't come down all the way?

do they bring ladders to get on roofs? it would it be easy for them to get noticed cause a roof is leaning against a wall...i would assume they bring a friend...

all these questions happen in my head when I see a sick throw-up ridiculously high up..

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Sometimes you can climb on something nearby to get on the ladder if its low enough.


Sometimes people clib up the pole to get to the ladder.


Sometimes you can get on your friends shoulder for a boost to the ladder.


Sometimes people bring ladders.


Most people that do billboards bring a friend, someone to watch.


Most billboards that get hit have low ladders, just look around.

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foolproof plan to hitting rooftops and heaven spots



-marry an asian woman

-have kids

- as all asians can fly,and your child is half asian i.e. half ninja he can probably run up walls and shit.

-get him to do it for you

-take all the credit, hes a kid and has no claim to anything til he is 18 and out of the house


dont worry if he falls,chances are he will land on his feet. like a cat...asians are like cats. have you ever seen a cats penis? i didnt think so...

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