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I'm trying to find the Tanner City Kid. If anyone has info on him, PM me please. He seems to have disappeared of the planet.

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Industrial development environment as a whole this year to be better than last year,fur blanket, but continue to deal with the international financial crisis and maintain steady and rapid development of industrial economy, accelerate the transformation of the mode of development is still very arduous task. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Industry Development this year,bed blanket, the main targets are: large-scale industrial added value increased by around 11% growth in export value of about 8%. including the transformation of industrial investment growth, including about 20%. yuan industrial added value of 7% to reduce energy consumption, comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste by 1.5 percentage points. State Council on schedule to complete the elimination of backward production capacity planning tasks.

one, the textile industry operating conditions, characteristics and trends are as follows:

2009, the large-scale textile enterprises added value increased by 9.1% over the previous year, the growth rate down 1.2 percentage points year on year. main products, the yarn output 23.94 million tons, output of 74 billion m cloth, chemical fiber 27.3 million tons, increased by 12.7% over the previous year, 4.2% and 13%. 1-2 months of this year, the textile sector grew by 13.4% lines; yarn, cloth, chemical fiber output up 26.6% year on year, 51.2% and 17.1% respectively year on year increase of 20.7, 56.2 and 13.2 percentage points .

international market share remained stable. According to statistics, in 2009, China's textile and apparel products in U.S. market share was 39.3%, sales significantly better than Vietnam, India and other countries products; in the Japanese market share of 78.6% over the 1.9 percentage points over the previous year. Last year in the second half, especially in October, the international orders increased significantly, rapid recovery of export.

pace of industrial upgrading. 2009 years, China's own production of textile machinery and equipment 75% domestic market share, increased by 5 percentage points over the previous year. Chemical fiber differentiation rate to 40%, 5 percentage points over the previous year. eliminate backward production capacity of chemical fiber industry, 1.37 million tons, out of Wuxi, Suzhou, Changzhou and other behind the Taihu Lake area,blanket wholesale, more than half of dyeing equipment.

control and eliminate backward production capacity and arduous task. fiber processing capacity of nearly 50% of the total global processing, the rapid expansion of production capacity in recent years, high levels of low-level redundant construction and development of the tendency of the homogenization of obvious decrease in demand by international markets and the rapid growth of competitors and other factors, international market, increasing competition, excess capacity contradiction. Meanwhile, the backward production capacity is also a significant proportion, and advanced productivity fight the market, grab resources, hamper industrial development and product quality.

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G*d D*mn F*cking Spammer A**hole! You should be shot! I'm trying to find a friend who could be in trouble and you spew this sh*t all over here. F*cking Bastard

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Too bad we can't hunt these spammers assholes down and whack 'em. I wrote a screenplay once about a hit man team that specialized in killing hackers for big companies. The hackers would hack into Boeing or some such place and then Boeing's corporate security branch would secretly hire these hit men to go snuff out the hackers. They never did it obviously, though, like cowboying his ass while he was drinking coffee at Starbuck's or something. They were sneaky. One night Joe Hacker leaves his favorite club and the next day he's just "gone" and his apartment is empty. "No stress, no mess, no forwarding address." (Poof.) Just gone.


Then this disappeared hacker's computer-engineer Dad traces his kid's missing car to a automobile auction in Cleveland. And the guy was living in Austin. And the Dad starts trying to unravel how the guy's car wound up in Cleveland, detailed spotlessly clean inside and out with Illinois plates and paperwork and that leads him to a detail shop in Dallas, which leads him to a cell phone in Chicago, etc.


Now you'll never go see my movie because I told. Dang.


Last time I heard from Tanner he was working for UP, but I heard he quit the railroad and went back to selling wholesale chemicals for corporate America.


Maybe he got fed up and just caught out and said "Fuck it." I mean, it's certainly my favorite fantasy.

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