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top 10 softest niggas in the game...according to GHOSTFACE.

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But I wish the nigga success n long as he stay out a nigga way he aint gon get thrown thru no brick walls or nothin like that.


:lol: :lol: :lol:


Also another round of hearty LOLs for him using a pic of Ellen Degeneres as Asher Roth

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Fuck. Finally someone fuckin speaks up on Wiz Khalifa.



Like I get why dude has hits... But I feel like no one is listening to him rap. Lyrically and style.


But fuck it (buttfuckit). Like I said dude has hits. He's collecting. I just can't get into appreciate his rap itself.



#blackandyellow #repeat39x

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"yo a nigga listen to this shit at the wrong time n he liable to start hangin one them posters wit the little babies dressed like animals n vegetables n shit on they walls. A nigga might go cop one them calendars wit the kittens dressed up like they firemen n hang that shit in the hallway namsayin."



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