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Shit that motivates you thread*

Will Ferreal

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basically, anything that shows tons of will and tests the human body to the extreme...


like people who climb mountains with one leg or arm, or anyone who defeats the odds and survives a serious situation... the above just floated off the top of my head, there are better ones but im going to lunch!

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am i selfish for motivating myself? wanting a great life and living life to my maximum?


my mom was sick my whole life.

it started when i was an infant and just got progressively worse until her mobility and health was destroyed, then came death.


i don't think anything i have ever experienced has pushed me harder than the limitations of others, especially her.

it began with ..if only i could use my hands like i used to i'd...

then it became stuff like ..i'd give anything just to walk up stairs.


it makes you have full awareness and total appreciation of health and ability

and disgust with those who waste it (like by getting fat, being lazy, or becoming a junkie, etc etc...)

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