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Ghosts of WWII: Sergey Larenkov.

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Most of my work is devoted to the period of World War II. The most powerful impression on me personally produces a series of photos about the siege of Leningrad, this is my hometown. In addition, here you will find the defense of Moscow, the liberation of Prague and Vienna, the storming of Berlin, some pages from the life of Paris. D-day collages will be ready soon.

Some pages of my journal will bring you to the streets of the capital of the Russian Empire, St. Petersburg.

Wherever I go, I'm trying to penetrate the layers of time. It does not always do well, but I try.


-Sergey Larenkov.
































Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov is a master of a technique called, alternatively, perspective-matching photography or the fancier computational rephotography, which consists of precisely matching the points-of-view of vintage and modern photographs and exploring what happens where they merge. Since last year, Larenkov has been assembling a series of such photos on World War II: As the photo above shows, the point of combination can be quite haunting.


Some Photoshop whizzes have criticized Larenkov’s work on the grounds that the mergers are too jarring in their contrasts and could be executed with greater smoothness on his part, but, in the absence of an explanation of his work, I think that’s kind of the point: It clearly takes a great deal of patience and technical aptitude to create these photos, and the harshness of imposing war and its devastation on pristine modern European cities works better when it’s not too slick.



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Some of these are absolutely beautiful. I'll agree with the critique you posted and say that some of them could have a smoother transition, but that critique is a bit personal, to me and my own tastes. Either way, I like them all. Cool idea. I'm very drawn by the history of WWII, so I enjoy these kinds of things...

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A lil' Photoshop training and he could have something great.


Personally though, I like the one where he's holding the photo to the scene.


I'd like to see more like that.

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i agree


i dig the stuff, but think it would be better if they were either way cleaner or more varied--as the picture one.

either way, good thread.

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