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armand hammer


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so i noticed we have retrogradations,fucked up and what you last saw movie threads,one thing i haven't seen is a coming soon thread so after spending 2 hours on zune movie trailers last night due to sky player being down i thought i would make a thread for all movies you cunts are looking forward to or just shit thats coming out, instead of having various threads for individual movies.


so heres my list of shit


first off




this looks decent at least solid casting for thor



battle los angeles could be okay kind of big budget more special effects district 9 type deal i think



obviously green lantern egh dont know about this



sucker punch looks kind of fun




good ole captain fag




its finaly finished



here we go again.



who knows about this



kind of inception looking




unknown looks decent



not at all how i remember the books but what ever its hollywood.




meh could be funny plus i want to mate with natalie portmans face.




fuck it im getting tired so ill end with what could be a decent exorcist movie




ill add more in a day or two ive missed a few major ones but im lazy.

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the commercial for thor didnt hype me up during the superbowl, but the commercial for the captain america movie did.

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They brought captain america back via time machine....







Thats right....a fucking time machine

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that hobo with a shotgun joint looks worth a watch..reminds me of a grindhouse movie.

sucker punch isnt out yet.

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tehy killed batman and brought him back or soem shit too..its just a gimmic to get readers...cant wait for the captn america moive..and i hope the thor movies legit as welll..


green lantern dissappointed me..looks cheap.

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Dude, you have giant gauges and posted a fucking vin diesel "fast and the furious" trailer.










true but i posted it to let people know that the whole "i got a giant spoiler brah" movies are finaly finished and lets face it as much as no one wants to watch it most people will end up watching it at some stage.


agree with the green lantern looking cheap ,disappointed in the suit just looks plastic :huh:

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