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The future of Graffiti


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So I was just thinkin lately about graffiti in few years. With all the new technology that is being made every day, and people finding new ways to fight crime and all that stuff. Im worried that it will affect future of graff. I mean especially in very controlled countries like in UK, Russia, Australia and other countries like that.


I mean what if ''The Man'' :lol: and his inventors, make all kinds of new shit that will make painting illegal graff impossible. Think about it...


What if right now we are in the last few years of illegal graffiti. Imagine what its like right now, I mean most of you still paint freights/illegal spots with no problem, but what do you think, will it be the same in 2015? 2020? 2030? Maybe many of you will stop paintin graff, but what about future writers?


What if US government will decide to suppress all freedom and try to make USA a some kind of super controlled country. How will you paint graff then?


Fuck maybe Im just talkin out of my ass, but think about it haha.


Tl,dr: Just read the damn thing and discuss...


also, yea imad

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IMO it's already a police state.


Habeas Corpus has been suspended for years now - meaning they can lock your ass up indefinitely without offering you or anybody any good reason for doing so.


Understand the Game - called "law" - it's not what you think it is and not what people have been taught to believe.


Google freemen and some straight talking videos on Youtube at Rob Menard's channel.


That's all I got.

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