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What would you rather be doing right now?


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Aw man. Here's exactly what i'd like to be doing right now.


i'd like to be waking up real early (6am) on a spring day and then throw on painting clothes and pick up my imaginary duffel bag full of female valve rusto and old valve krylon with 30-40 cans inside & throw it in the trunk of the car I dont own and drive around & pick up 3 or 4 friends. Hit the breakfast spot compare sketches and eat a good breakfast, awesome coffee too. Drive out to some wall in the middle of nowhere that i dont have that'll run for years & years and spend the whole damn day crushing it end to end, leave around 5pm, hit a dinner spot drop everyone off & spend quality time with the girl i dont have.


Yahmean? #graffitifantasies #cornyasfuck

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Some others to make up for the h1p-H0p post above:


1) Would rather be in my friends backyard in June back in Ohio drinking and casually playing "lawn sports" with my friends i never get to see.


2) Would rather be walking train lines on a cold morning.


3) Would rather be playing with my dog when he was still alive. RIP buddy.

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Fucking a hot brown chick on a beach somewhere while drinking rum and bumping Sublime while she rides the fuck out of me in a hammock.


That or anything but what im actually doing, so graffiti, chilling at the river, drinking, getting blunted, skydiving, basically anything but doing fucking school work.

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