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Club bouncer assaults/robs patron?


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if that were me.....


















let me tell you what i would have done............































you know what he should have done.................
























































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I searched like a muthafuck and cant find this dudes mugshot or anything official to do with his arrest.... anybody wanna try?





According to the story, Easton Byfield, 35, is/was a bouncer at the Plantinum Premier Gentlemens Club (titty bar) in Worcester, MA. So Byfield suspects this kid of selling drugs in his club and instead of calling police, he takes the kid into the bathroom for a personal question and answering session. For the record, the police called it kidnapping.

As a note, this all happened last May, 2010 but just came out recently when the video made it’s way to YouTube. And yes we know about it, because the dumbass (Byfield) had his buddy film him assaulting and robbing someone.

So during this illegal interrogation he makes this kid empty his pockets and accuses him of selling drugs in his club. The kid totally denies it and there’s no drugs to be seen on the sink where he dumped the pocket contents.

Not being happy with that outcome, Byfield, then proceeds to go through this kids cell phone log and even makes a call to the last number dialed. The kid tries to protest but is shut down.

Then out of nowhere this crazy asshole, Byfield, punches the kid in the face four times. He then has him get on his knees and pray “Oh great motherfucking brown dude” twice, steals $300 and let’s him leave.

The irony of this shit, is that he then files a police report claiming the skinny white boy assaulted him.

Honestly where do you start. First off this is clearly a HATE CRIME and Easton Byfield is probably the dumbest fucking “brown dude” on the planet.




Easton Byfield

Cell Phone: (508) 377-8388

Email: eastone@live.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.co…


Platinum Premier Gentlemens Club / Club Envy,

241 Southbridge St. Worcester, MA


Phone number: (508) 754-4444

Owner: Christopher Stephans, 90 Neshobe Rd. Waban, MA

Owners Number #: (617) 558-7601







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I'm the last thing from an e-thug homie, I just know that when you deal drugs, sometimes you get caught slipping. In this case dude was obviously lying, he got off a lot easier than he could have. He got caught slipping, popped a couple times (didn't even go down) and got some cash taken and you're all crying about how mean the bouncer is? The fuck outta here.


honestly i saw nothing indicating the white guy was lying,they didnt even find drugs on him,dude was just nervous because he was being checked by security,thats what i saw.


the black guy took advantage of him and robbed him,and then made up an excuse as to why he was stealin the dudes shit,as an attempt to make it look legit,thats my opinion.dude got robbed,and whats worse the guy fucking put it on youtube..

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But I also would have came back, followed each of them home and took them down a month later on a sneak attack. . .


I will take my time in the bushes, right

Paid up people no mind like I'm crooked, right

Shoot a nigga on down, do him somethin' right

He on the floor, tell his grams, "yo I seen the light"

Ghostface killah

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All I'm gonna say is I'd rather get my ass kicked than get disrespected like that. Getting beat up doesn't hurt forever haha And I know what it's like to have glasses, and that bouncer has glasses, and once you get hit there it fucking hurts. I think, and no homo times a million, that that white dude shoulda just started kickin' niggas in the nuts.

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