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Generally speaking, I like my Odd Future fans how I like my 12ozers... White and hating everything they can't relate to.





And earlier today I worked my lifeline on pornhub.com while listening to The Jet Age of Tomorrow. Shit was like a futuristic handjob from a cybernetic organism with living tissue over a metal endoskeleton.

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wow... that video on their blog is pruuuudy funny



"next dude to throw a bottle..."




detroitred put it best already... "saying 'next dude to throw a bottle gets his ass beat' on stage in detroit is like saying 'please throw another bottle, i love them' "


welcome to detroit huh?

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so they cancelled the show cause they didnt wanna get hit and cut with glass bottles?

I thought they were some hard ass rapper foos who didnt give a fuck

i thought everything they rapped about was real


no..they cut the show with only 3 songs left. i dont know anyone other than maybe g.g. allen who would have been down for getting glass bottles thrown at them. dont act like you wouldnt have responded in the same way. the first bottle was thrown during the first song. almost busted syd in the face. they kept it moving after that. either way...all that chaos was to be expected. a bunch of impressionable under aged kids from the burbs(for the most part) in a lawless city(for the most part) like detroit. the moment their parents dropped them off they couldnt wait to act a damn fool.

and for the record..i dont recall OF ever trying to act or proclaim they are hard.


niggas need to hop off the hater bandwagon..its equally as wack as the fan bandwagon. if you like em..cool..if you dont...shut the fuck up already.

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The show in detroit was crazy. Detroitred it was smart thinking staying

in the back, the moshing was out of control. They started late, and shitty

it had to end early...but it was definitely a great show.


that was no mosh pit....however it was hectic as fuck up towards the stage. i care too much about my sneakers to be up in that crowd. the last time i was at that venue..was for a gorilla biscuits show...niggas was wild'n out at that shit.

agreed..it was a great show..and anyone saying anything less has no clue.

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I really dont know shit about these guys but all that free Earl shit is fucking gay... I was flipping through the friday entertainment section of the paper and read that Earl got sent away by mom and dad to reform school after they gave his music a listen and were shocked by his lyrics.

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read an interview with tyler the other day. it was in response to tegan and sarah criticizing them for being homophobic, constantly saying 'faggot' etc. tylers excuse was 'hey, im 20 years old, just having fun, i dont hate gays, i just think its funny to call people faggot'. hmmm.


while i completely buy that, i wonder how well it would go over if some white kids came out calling everyone 'nigger' then saying 'we're not racist, we just think it's funny to piss you off'. would that be as easy to just write off ass teenage hyjinx?


not that i'm really kept up late at night thinking about this, but i do find it ironic that black culture as a whole seems to completely miss the parallels between their struggles for equality and the gay struggle. less than a hundred years ago, the couldnt vote. now a days, gays still cant get married. we look back on rosa parks with disgust as to how a society could be so unfair towards one group, yet it's still happening today.


anyway, the moral of post, which i realizing is waaaaaay too intellectual for this group, or this thread, is 'dont call me faggot, nigger'.

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