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shameful/awesome sex story souperthread.

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i used to fuck with this older chick, she was 31 and i was 25. i got no kids and at the time was staying with my parents cause i was in between apartments and was staying with them to help pay some bills they had and it helped me pay off some of my own bills.


well she had 2 kids, daughter that was like 10 and a son that was 18. yea you read that right, bitch was 13 when she had sex for the first time AND got pregnant. well i never liked fucking her at her place cause her son was always there and the nigga would always be mugging me when i was showing up or leaving. plus she slanged so there was always fiends knocking for dope. so every time we fucked i would try and take her to the lake and park way off the road and fuck her bent over my motorcycle. all i did was fuck her for a few months cause she knew i didn't want a relationship with her. well it started getting cold so the whole fucking outside thing was not working anymore so i started taking her to the porn shops where you can pay a few bucks to sit in a room with a couch & big screen and watch pornos. did that for a while and then that's when shit started getting sketchy...


i had picked her up from her job and we swung by the porno shop and i started knocking it out from the back. well usually this bitch moans a lot and really gets into it but this time she is not really making any noise and is just kinda there taking the d. well i sorta look around and catch a glimpse of her face... the bitch was crying! fuck. i know what's going on, bitch is catching feelings and wants to tell me. well i keep going for a while but can't nut so i say fuck it lets just go back to your spot. the whole ride home i was bringing up small talk and cutting her off cause i could tell she wanted to have a 'serious talk', haha. well we get to her apt and i just take her into her room and fuck the shit out of this bitch. she seemed a bit happier since i was finally fucking her in her own bed for once and was getting into it. well the bitch liked it a little rough but since i knew this was the last time i was gonna fuck her i started fucking this bitch real hard. yanked the bitches hair back and then would shove her face into the pillow, slapping this bitch in the ass as hard as i could with a full swing, grabbing the bitch and making her gag on the dick. i was just thinking of shit to do to this chick expecting her to say stop but she just keep on taking it. i almost started to feel bad. almost. after about 25 mins of that shit i could tell she was about to cry so i eased up on the roughness and just hurried up so i could bust one off. pulled out and was gonna make her swallow that shit but instead blew it all over her face and was slapping her in the face with the cock. haha. as we are getting dressed she starts saying how she is falling for me and she knows that is not what i want. i just say that i gotta go and bounce. the next day she tried to say that she was sorry for opening up and that she was just drunk and that she wanted to keep seeing me. i told her i didnt think it was a good idea and just ignored every other call/txt she sent. i know my story sucked but at least my shit is legible unlike some of these fools


cliffnotes: bang some older broad, she starts catching feelings & crying, hate fuck her for the last time and never fuck her again

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There's some decent and funny stories in this thread, lol.   This past weekend, took my girl out to the Keys. We got a hotel room with a balcony overlooking the water on a quiet key. We get

getting a blowjob off an old girlfriend in her chaotic middle aged single lady living room. ( live laugh love photo frames and lots of awful stuff in boxes after her marriage breakup and subsequent lo

Last night i drunkenly banged a fat girl in a 6th street alley behind a dumpster. I dont know whether it would be shameful or awesome. Maybe a little of both.

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i fucked a black chick once..we made love to the jungle fever soundtrack in the back of her sisters car.



that really happened.



In high school I took a mixed girls virginty while listening to ODB's return to the 36 chambers: the dirty version.


Not as cool I admit, but its what came to mind when I read that.

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Been a minute since I posted in here, so ill drop a few.


This tale, as most of my better stories is from the days of high school.

It was about 11th grade I believe, during which I had developed a pretty decent black book of

girls I could hit up whenever I wanted dome, pussy, whatever.


One of these girls was an asian girl whom I had been fucking for a while, it was a pretty sweet gig as all id have to do is call/text and she would drive to me to come get the dick. It was cool becuse she was down for basically whatever, shed just blow and go, shed take it in her ass, she liked facials, and she was also down for anything including on occasion me taking her to an abandonded house and smashing her on a mattress we moved in there.


I also had a girl around this time for a month or so that I had been meeting up with to get head from on occasion when no one else was free to do so. She lived right down the street from me, and we had met informally in the only mutual class we ever had together. She one day online basically came out and told me she wanted the D, so who was I to turn her down? The catch being of course that she was albino, which I had never met an albino before, and suprisingly my first was actually not half bad looking. She had big titties and wasa stoner/hippy chick which was kinda strange, but she loved to suck dick so that was good enough for me.


Well long story short(sorta) one day I came to find out that both of these girls who had been enjoying my cock were actually really good friends. I didnt take long for me to devise a devious plan to try something that i hadnt yet tried before. A week prior to my diabolical scheme I made sure that both girls would be able to hangout on the same day. After planning a day in which theyd both be free around the same time I made plans for them both to meet me at a spot behind a Catholic church I use to use when I couldnt smash at my casa or vise versa.


So at about 3pm the afternoon of the day I had set out I waited in the parking lot in my discrete spot waiting for my girls to show. To both my amazment and a little bit of shock they both showed up, but they were both riding together in the same car. Turns out, at no suprise to me that both being female they had big mouths and had each spoken to one another that they had intended to hook up with me on such and such day. At first I had a nervous kinda ''oh shit'' moment when they rolled down their window next to my car to speak to me. However instead of being pissed and leaving or saying what a douche I was they both asked if they wanted me to get in their car or they in mine.


I instructed them to both get in my car as I hoped into my backseat, which being a sedan was roomy. One sat on my left and the other on my right, and I honestly didnt know what was about to take place. To my disbelief they werent the least bit mad, but were actullay as excited as I were and began telling me how they had found out a while ago that I was dicking each of them and they had wanted for a while now to approach me about a threesome, I had just beaten them to the draw. We talked for a few minutes, laughed off the irony and then the mood began to change from happiness into sexual tension.


After a brief moment of a somewhat akward silence The asian girl broke the ice by asking ''how are we going to do this?'' Without ushering a word I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick all in one motion. I then put each hand on the back of both girls respective heads and begin to motion then down towards my dick. I would rotate between the two each sucking on it taking their turn to enjoy my manhood before I would bring them both to it at the same time. Ina way I felt like a conducter as I was dictating(no pun/) who was doing what. I then asked them to undress and shortly there after began to finger them both at the same time, and I must admit this was my first time doing anything with two girls at once and the thought as well of the sound of two girls moaning made me hornier than I can remember being.


The main problem was that I wanted to fuck them both obviously, but there was two problems with this situation. The main being that we didnt really have the room to do it and the other being the possible fragile feelings of each girl being hurt if I picked the other first to fuck. I made an executive decision that I would try to get them to decide who wants to go first and assure the other that they would get just as good of a ride. Fate being as strange as it is decided for me what the outcome of this situation would be. Both girls by now were very wet and both had become she devils for dick in my very backseat. The asian climbed on as the albino played with her and me at the same time, which at that moment I felt a sense of surreal come over me.


As I was just looking up at my roof half in disbelief, half in a euphoric state one of the girls slightly panicked saying that they had seen people go by and were sure we had been seen. Due to the proximity of where we were if this were true I knew the cops would be there in no time at all. Again making an executice decsion I told them we had a few minutes and we had to finish our amazing moment. The asian girl hoped off and without skipping a beat both girls began to gobble on my stick. No lie without a minutes time I felt the nut cumming and instrcuted both of them to close there eyes and not move their heads. I busted my load all over the both of them, accidently giving more to the albino but thats just how it worked out. Without hardly saying anything else I reached in my glvoebox and handed them a handfull of napkins, hoped in the drivers seat and dipped out as soon as they had shut my doors.


Afterwards for some reason unknown to me they had decided they werent down to share anymore and I would have to pick. Being a victim of yellow fever and picking off of which one was more fun I went with the asian girl who I continued to dig out until she left for college a year later. Ive run into the albino a time or two at my friends apartment, without saying much to each other at all. The asian girl now has a serious boyfriend and has sense stopped fooling around with anyone but him.

It still all made for a good story, probably the funniest part of the whole thing being the man who had walked by and spotted me railing an asian while an albino madeout with us both had been no other than the Priest of the church.



Cliffnotes: Back in the day I smashed two friends seperatly, an asian and an albino. I tried to be sneaky and construct a threesome by chance, but they had wanted to anyway. We did it in my backseat behind a catholic church, and the priest walked by right as we were climaxing. And I nutted on both of them.

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i was outside of the bar a few years ago some chick was stumbling home walking down the street


she grabbed me by the arm and said take me home

she was super wasted and couldnt even really walk

i took her home as soon as i got there she went to the bathroom and puked for a good half hour

her pitbull was biting me and humping me and shit

she came back on the couch and was half passed out and i asked her if she remembered my name and she didnt

she asked me if i was "a real person"

i stole two bottles of wine from her, a bottle of muscle relaxers and a few beers and bounced

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i got stories ..

few years ago one of my x's was riding the D .. and i was about to nut so she dove off of me like a baseball player sliding into home.. and i shot a load with a solid 3ft arch off my bed straight into my new pair of nike sb's... perfect shot "swoosh"..

she thought it was hilarious being the cum dodger she was.. i on the other hand... did not.


*sigh* i still have the shoes .. washed em since then of course but every time i put them on...

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a few quickies...

I went on vacation to puerto rico with a girlfriend and after a day at the beach gettin liquored up we headed back to the hotel room to have some fun. she starts dancing on me/striptease steeaze sexy ass but as she took off her bikini top we were both shocked at the unflattering amount of sand on her tatas haha.. not wanting to get rubbed up on with a coarse sandboobies i tell her to jump in the shower to clean off and that i'd be right in to take advantage of the very convenient handicap bar in there.

same trip but we were staying at here aunts house.. sleeping in two folded out beds next to each other in the living room with her aunt n g-ma sleeping in the room next to us(no door) she starts getting frisky n shes turning me..on one thing leads to another and shes taking it n biting the pillow to keep quiet. i guess we were making alittle too much noise but i look up and her aunt was in the doorway. idk if she saw or knew what was going on but we pumped the brakes and once i got the green light continued to smash. the next morning her aunt made us breakfast omelets that were awesome.

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another time i was at my apartment where i lived with two other guys.. i 've tried to block this out so i dont remember too much bc it was embarrassing for me. anyway my girl and i were having a great morning time session, fucking in all these crazy positions and i guess i worked alittle too hard that morning because right after i busted i got the craziest urge to take a shit. i went out to the bathroom but homeboy was already stinking it up. so with my options being limited and time running out i went back into my bedroom and let loose. shit and pissed in my trash can. it was pretty gnarly, but i couldnt stop laughing so it wasnt too bad bc the lady was fully amused. hoorah

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Summer of 2006, a few friends and I went to a baptism

at a lake, we where invited by a couple of girls we met at

starbucks, the evening came that glorious day, we sat around in the dark while

the other people hung around the fire, and I ask the female

I wanted, to suck my dick, so she proceeds to suck me up

soo good I forgot that there where spectators sitting next to me :lol:

I continue to get mad brains until I nut, she swallows

so at this time I am mad horny for this female, so we proceed to

have vaginal intercourse, and of course the spectators are still there,

and then we went together into the lake and fucked some more.

All this went on during a church baptism event

after that I took a dump in the lake and it came up like

a fucking submarine :lol: I just swam away a little bit

yeah church girls are very freaky girls


this was my theme song that summer

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Um so this is the story of the last guy i had sex with and the whole thing is just shameful.

Pretty much my friend and i got drunk one night off sangria and made out in his car. This was like thanksgiving 09. Then we went on a date and got wasted fooled around. Then christmas we hung out and i told him i was moving to hawaii, gave him homemade cookies, head whatever. And that was it. I moved back for my last semester. I came home that summer. Kinda missed the guy cause he moved away too. My birthday rolls around he flies out to give me a tattoo and we end up getting faded and have sex in his friends basement in a bay window that faces the street. Gives me a tattoo the next day. I spend the night and hes like oh come visit me. So the next month i do. We get 32s and skate go eat sushi and smoke. We have sex and then he went to work and i flew home. He came to visit a while back. We chilled. Watched futurama, smoked and drew. He came out with his friend so yeah. Thats it. Now were still in different cities and dont really talk as much. Im seeing someone and you know stuff happens

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I dont know. Took a long time. Pretty much fucked in an open window. Spent a bunch of money just to fuck. Thats all i got though.


Except to add on to the weird race stories whatever. I messed around with a neonazi once. I mean he didnt stay one but he definitely was red laces steel toes red straps and fred perry bald mother fucker and almost got killed in the desert while we were together. Im not white. At all.

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My last girl was getting horny while i was sat up in bed watchin tv, drinking Caffery's (Irish Ale) in a hotel in London, now what i didn't know was that Caffery's is what her Dad supped every night back home, the horny bitch climbed on and started kissing me, then looked at me drooling and said 'ooh you taste just like my dad'.


i laughed hard at her for a few minutes while she tried to backtrack saying 'i meant you taste like the smell of Caffery's'


we broke up soon after..

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