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GBMs superfoodshack

Guest Ginger Bread Man

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Yo dilligaf


You are beyond correct but if you saw most kitchens down here(save for large chains) mine is fucking squeeky clean.


I re organized shit so as to not have that cross contamination.


Thats for the input though.


Also. Salt is only used in the kitchen and not to fill salt shakers



I grew up in the south and would visit Mexico somewhat often and I will say your spot is a lot cleaner and more trustworthy than most places Ive seen down there.


Dont get me wrong Im not trying to be a dick I'm just a fucking nazi about cross contamination.




meh, as long as it's thoroughly cooked all the bacteria dies.

it's in the rare burger that problems can really start to happen.


...but the grill handle, turner,bun, lettuce, tomato and everything else he touched in his work station doesn't get cooked.


Whatevs tho, GBM says he fixed shit and really all he wasn't doing was wearing gloves or washing his hands directly after touching the raw meat, easy fix.

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Mr. Booth is clearly umad for reasons which are rather murky, and distracting of the spirit of a good thread. I can only imagine such a discussion or attempt at insult in real life.


In the interest of a worthy discussion I feel I must voice another concern about the burger. I do not think that making a spectacle out of food is appropriate and is one of the last things I would want to export from the US if I were to open a restaurant abroad. I would say that rather than focus on a burger so big that only Rosane Barr can finish it, that Mr. Bread Man would be better served to make a burger so tasty that none can resist and serve price that is just a touch higher than average. A mini top chef style slider for 50 pesos would, I believe work better to launch the brand.


Someone mentioned wearing gloves while handling food, that has to be one of the stupidest things ever, might as well leave that one here in gringolandia.

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Guest Ginger Bread Man

yo morton-


that right there isn't what i'm trying to particularly market as my smallest burger consists of 200 grams of meat as a base and costs 45 pesos with freshly fried chips included. it is rather tasty<the smaller burger in the video consists of 450 grams of meat> and the distinction between myself and the competition is that i grind the meat, season it, add a variety of cheeses no one else offers.


financially im making more off a smaller burger than the largest.


i knew i needed to market something unique. part of my mission was to emphasize on size, hence the name LOS BARBAROS <the barbarians:vikings>.


this holds true for everything i offer.


i grill a mean burger, trust.


on the subject of price. there are products which have a very small profit margin however i cannot by any means charge what i feel the product is worth more so what my market is willing to pay.


the advantage i have is that labor is cheap and workers are willing.


we feel we are off to a good start.


thanks to all those who are rooting for us, we really need it as the daily conversation seems to list all the reasons why we won't be successful vs those which will allow us to succeed.

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Someone mentioned wearing gloves while handling food, that has to be one of the stupidest things ever, might as well leave that one here in gringolandia.


that was me. ya its "stupid" I guess but for the sake of mashing around pounds of raw beef it is by far the safest way to handle said food especially potentially dangerous foods.


I cooked in some states where the counties make it mandatory to wear gloves at all times while in the kitchen, now that is fucking stupid.

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If it is not safe enough to handle with bare hands it is not safe enough to serve as food. I have no restaurant experience but as a customer have seen people behind the counter do things with gloves on that are dirty. I also think that feeling the food would make people take more care, I know that when my hands are covered in raw chicken that I am heading for the sink.

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Guest Ginger Bread Man

Yo whats good guys.


I took the vid down because i didnt like the overall presentation of my spot.


Give me a few days ill put another vid up.



You guys are awesome

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