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GBMs superfoodshack

Guest Ginger Bread Man

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Guest Ginger Bread Man

Yo bOats


For sure we finna have carne asada joint but that will be the extent of my mexicant food offering. Im trying to go a gourmet america style.


I know im slacking in the me u.but i would rather post the menu w design than just a list of food.


The menu does include but is not limited to, 7 varietes of chicken wings. 5 diff burgers( one of which is my 1.5 kg challenge( slightly less than 3 lbs of fully cooked beef without the mention of

The Trimmings.


I have coconut shrimp and lasagna + fet alfredo where everything is made inhouse.



Im growing my own habaneros, jalapenos, serrano, chile de arbol.



Thanks for all the kind words guise. I hope this shit pops off.

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Guest Ginger Bread Man

yo pit, good looking, i'll hollertron soon.


to those tech saavy mfs


how do i set up a secure wireless connection so that the permission expires every 24 hours?

i have an open 10mb connection at my spot that i wish to encrypt in this way.


props shall be granted

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Guest Ginger Bread Man

It isnt a garage and you have never been outside your hood im sure.


Most everything is already preped and/ or frozen so that it takes me very little time to get things done.

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Guest Ginger Bread Man

1 usd = 12 ish pesos.


A taco = 5 pesos on average.


Im paying 3000 pesos for rent + 1200 pesos for tel/ internet/cable + 4 employees@ 1500 every 2 = 12000 pesos + 1500 for electricity+ 1000 for gas puts me at ...

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