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The diplomatic car that ran over 20 people in cairo

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i'd be much more inclined to find this cool if that was a sea of police.


i've read a couple things saying that about 20 of those vans were stolen from a US Embassay, and have been used in robberies and other shit since then.

either that or it was filled with diplomats and such and they're just claiming the vans were stolen to remove cause for further and worse rioting.

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some news reports are claiming that van was stolen by egyptian criminals, along with about 20 other vans when police abandoned a post.

and they could of just as easily backed up and went back the way they came.

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This happened 9 days ago. Imagine how eventful that time would have been if foreigners were getting killed, or even worse being taken hostage, by whoever. Criminals? If it wasn't criminals, and was diplomatic what they did was legal cause they weren't running around like ants.


you wouldnt be giving a fuck about the legality of the situation if some wealthy, power abusing diplomat just ran your ass over instead of backing up and finding a different route to take because he cant be prosecuted for anything hes done. this is assuming it was a diplomat, and not a stolen diplomat van drivin by a criminal who just felt like driving through a crowd cause someone threw a rock at his van. also assuming its not some pro Murubak dude sent out to fuck up protestors in a "stolen diplomatic van." the dude also turns right into the thick of the crowd, when there was a more open route right in front of him.


they're tired of their fucked up leader and their countries fucked up goverment doing whatever they want. i read something saying Egypt has been in a state of emergency since the 80s after their president was murdered, leaving its people with about 0 rights under the law. which leaves the police and military in a position to do whatever the fuck they want without consequences.

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